10 Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents on Roads

An accident happens fast. Apart from you, others have problems with vehicle accidents. When it occurs, you slam your foot, there is breaking of lights, you have jolts in your body, and your vehicle has physical damages. And sometimes, it is a threat to your life or you have spot death. 

You can avoid having an accident when you have an idea about why a vehicle accident happens or what are causes of vehicle accidents. Traffic authorities can lower the risk with the use of a vehicle incident detection system. However, you need to make an effort at your end to have safe and secure driving. Having an idea about accidents on roads/highways can help you be careful. Here are those causes:     

  1. Speeding 

Usually, most of you don’t take care of the speed limit. You drive your vehicle freely whenever you see a little free road or highway. However, you don’t know the time when another vehicle can come across you. 

Keep in mind speed limit signs at particular places have specific meaning. They guide you to drive safely and warn you on sharp turns, higher traffic, uneven roads, or allied things. Faster driving means you have a lack of response time if you need to prevent your vehicle accident or stop your vehicle.    

  1. Distracted driving 

Distracted driving refers to anything that divides your attention while driving a vehicle. Due to technological advancements, we have Smartphone, music systems for vehicles. Some of you text messages, be on a call, change songs, eat foods, and support kids on the backseat. All these activities cause distraction in your driving.  

  1. Reckless driving 

You might face a vehicle accident if you are not careful while driving your car or any other vehicle. The reckless driving refers to speeding, frequent lane change, no care of rear turning signal, etc. Reckless drivers have no patience in traffic. You need to be careful about aggressive drivers. 

  1. Drunk driving 

Usually, after heavy drinking, people lose their ability to focus and work well. The inability to focus or work well is extremely dangerous while driving a vehicle. As per traffic records, drunk drivers cause accidents every day. Hire a driver if you are drunk or avoid driving a vehicle after drinking.    

  1. Rain 

Extreme weather conditions such as rain play a crucial role in vehicle accidents. In rain, you should avoid driving on unfamiliar roads as rain causes water logging and dangerous surfaces. Further, there is a spin that sometimes becomes out of control. You need to be very careful.     

  1. Red light crossing and stop signs 

The sign of red or red light means you should stop your driving. Drivers who violate red lights or stop signs cause problems and life threats to themselves and others. To stay safe or for safe driving, you must follow traffic signals or signs of traffic police at a roundabout.  

  1. New or teenage drivers 

Usually, teeagers or new drivers are not careful while driving a vehicle. Skilled drivers have a sound idea about the use of turn signal light, checking blind spots, or traffic rules. New drivers are not well aware of all these points. And a lack of knowledge and experience causes road accidents. You should not let your children drive vehicles on busy roads or hire untrained drivers.     

  1. Driving under drug influence

Apart from alcoholic beverages, drugs like heroin and mejuana cause control loss and impaired decisions. These drugs affect your ability to concentrate and function well. You have no complete control over your body when your mind is not clear due to drug effects. 

  1. Frequent and unsafe lane change 

On roads, some drivers change lanes frequently. They do so to reach their destinations. However, they forget that unsafe or frequent lane changing is dangerous. You should avoid having frequent lane changes. Further, you should turn on the red light when you are going to stop your vehicle driving and switch on the left or light turn signals when you are taking a respective turn. 

  1. Night driving 

Driving during the day is dangerous. You need to be careful while driving your vehicle. However, driving at night is more dangerous. While driving at night, you can see what is ahead, but you can’t anticipate as you drive toward it. You should be aware of the roads if you are driving at night. 


Vehicle accidents on roads happen due to several reasons. Drunk driving, weather conditions, reckless driving, new drivers, ignorance of traffic rules, etc. are some of them. The use of traffic management and enforcement solutions such as a vehicle incident detection system can be an added benefit with careful driving.