10 Common Kidney Damaging Habits You Should Know

Located at every side of the spinal cord, kidneys are a pair of fist-sized organs. They resemble beans in shape. The primary function of kidneys is to filter excess fluids and waste. Further, they maintain fluid balance and electrolytes levels in the body. They make toxins come out of the body through urine and filter blood. 

When someone experiences pain while urinating or allied abnormalities, they see a respective doctor. And the doctor recommends a kidney function test. You know you might be at a risk of kidney damage through your daily habits. Here have a look at your daily habits that can damage your kidneys:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

No or little physical activity can be risky for your kidney health. By being physically active, you have improved blood circulation and a maintained glucose metabolism. For better kidney health, you should be highly active. Further, avoid having a longer sitting hour. Longer sitting hours can affect your blood pressure, which can put a pressure on your kidneys.    

  1. High sodium foods 

Consuming food items with high salt is harmful to your kidney health. It can increase the levels of sodium in your bloodstream. Further, it affects the ability of your kidneys to remove excess water. High water retention and pressure on kidneys can make you prone to high blood pressure and chronic kidney problems such as kidney failure. Here is how you can lower your sodium intake:

  • Follow the recommended sodium intake – 2 to 2.3 grams a day 
  • Avoid eating salty foods and meat products like bacon, ham, anchovies, and sausages 
  • Cut down on butter milk, cottage cheese, pizza, and canned beans 
  1. Excessive sugar intake 

Your sugar levels should be below 180 mg/dl. A higher than it can make your kidneys expel sugar out through the urine. Excess sugar can cause you diabetes that can lead you to have kidney damage. Due to high sugar, you can have damages in your blood vessels that can alter your kidneys function. For better kidney health, you should avoid having excess sugar intake. 

  1. Smoking 

High blood pressure is one of the primary causes of kidney diseases. Smoking affects the functionalities of drugs that you take to regulate your blood pressure. Further, it leads you to have a lower creatinine level and higher excretion of albumin in urine. And this indicates that your kidneys have started to work abnormally. You should avoid smoking for your better kidney and lung health. 

  1. Inadequate water intake

Low water intake can make you prone to stone buildup in your kidneys. Enough water drinking helps your kidneys function well and make the waste come out of your body. You should take 2-4 litres of water a day. Instead of drinking more than a glass of water at a time, you should sip it to keep yourself hydrated for the whole day. 

  1. High use of painkillers 

Usually, we take painkillers when we notice unbearable pain anywhere in our body. These painkillers lower the flow of the blood towards the kidneys. They make you have instant relief from pain. However, they put you on other health risks, including kidneys, blood pressure increase, and fluid retention. As far as possible, you should avoid using painkillers continuously for a longer period. You should take them as per your doctor’s advice. 

  1. High protein diet

Several studies have suggested that high protein intake can trigger kidney damage in people who are suffering from kidney diseases. A balanced diet with fresh seasonal vegetables can help you avoid having a risk of kidney problems. You should not take more protein than the recommended one – 0.8 grams per kilogram a day. Further, you should avoid eating:

  • Too much dairy products 
  • Meat
  • Nuts 
  1. Full bladder for a long time

Having a full bladder for a longer time can leave pressure on your kidneys. It can trigger kidney infection and damage. Further, it can hamper the process of waste and toxins coming out from your body. 

  1. Excessive alcohol intake 

Apart from affecting the liver , too much drinking can impair your kidney’s function. Alcohol causes dehydration that leaves a pressure on your kidneys to maintain the water level. This stress can make your kidney damaged.   

  1. Sleep deprivation 

As per a study, sleep-wake cycle regulates kidney function. Poor sleeping closely relates to a decline in kidney function. And improper function can damage your kidneys. You should have a sound sleep for 6-8 hours a day. 


Kidneys are a crucial part of your body. You should ensure it is functioning well. And for this, you should leave the habits such as drinking, smoking, and poor sleeping that can damage your kidneys. Better kidney health means you have a better overall health.