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10 Engaging Animated Video Content Type that People Love to Watch

The majority of us are aware of content marketing trends, but are you familiar with animated video content creation?

Nowadays, watching videos has a diversified scope.

However, several brands are still avoiding developing video content, either because they believe it is too expensive or because they lack video-making skills on their staff.

What is the best way to Keep Your Audience Engaged?

When it comes to educating potential buyers about a product, an animated video is an excellent resource.

According to 94 percent of marketers, video content improves customers’ awareness of a product or service.”

Here are a few facts that demonstrate the value of animated video content:

According to the statistics:

  • Viewers hold video messages approx. 95%.
  • Approximately 92% of users have shared a video.
  • Marketers firmly believe in the potential of video, with nearly 88% saying they will invest more money in their brands video in the future.
  • According to 86% of marketers, videos improved their website traffic.
  • A social media video-assisted 93% of businesses in gaining new customers.
  • As a result, it is not surprising that 91% of marketers are pleased with the ROI of social media.

How to Make an Animated Video?

Have you ever seen a cool flash animation and wished you could use it on your website? Does the very concept of creating such sophisticated animation, which might cost you a fortune, draw you away from your thoughts? Just forget about your anxieties because you can now do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

Creating “a how to video” is not difficult. Let’s learn to make an animation video in just 3 steps.

  1. Preparation 
  2. Production 
  3. Edit & Export


1.      Preparation

Script: It makes a tremendous difference to play with words in your head and weave them on paper. So, writing a story helps you identify the flaws, pace, and character development.

Storyboard: Storyboarding is the process of drawing out the path of a marketing video, animation, or film. Each scene or shot is allocated a panel, and each panel comprises a visual sketch or a snapshot of the notion. Each panel can feature dialogue, notes, audio, and other elements.

Voiceover: Remember to include voice over if you want to make your animation more colorful and fascinating. Voiceover helps to create engaging the audience.

2.      Production

Animation: The time required for animation is determined by the length of the VO and the story. So, use an appealing animation style.

Audio Mix: In this step, it is critical to pick and combine the recorded sounds and begin producing the final mix of the sound to ensure proper lip sync and other sound effects for the finished animation film.

3.      Edit & Export

Final Editing: In “how to make a video”, the final editing, everything is double-checked. It is the process of rearranging the clips to ensure a faultless final output.

Export: The last step in generating an animation is to export the animated movie.

10 Engaging Animated Video Content Type that People Love to Watch

Before creating an engaging video, you should select what kind of video you want to make. Check out this list to learn more about your possibilities.

  1. Whiteboard Animation
  2. Motion Graphic Animation
  3. Kinetic Typography Animation
  4. Cartoon Animation
  5. Stop Motion Animation
  6. Animated Infographic Animation
  7. Screencast Animation
  8. Live-Action Animation
  9. 3D Mechanical Animation
  10. Flipbook Animation


1.      Whiteboard Animation

Custom whiteboard explainer video successfully assist different brands in social media marketing.

This is the most successful sort of explainer video animation because of its basic appearance, which allows viewers to focus on the material. They are also excellent for video series, and you should really consider this option.

Here’s an example of one of our animated business videos using the whiteboard animation style.

2.      Motion Graphic Animation

This video animation technique, as the name implies, provides information using basic animated images. Because there is always movement, this style is intended to be interesting and simple to follow.

In our company’s philosophy, we think that motion graphics should serve as both entertainment and communication as well as marketing content.

Do you wish to keep the audience’s attention? Create an interactive video with dynamics.

3.      Kinetic Typography Animation

The goal of this technique is to convey a message via words. This type of movie is extremely popular.

Kinetic typography has the ability to inspire the imagination, express a concept or way of thinking, and stir people’s emotions.

4.      Cartoon Animation

Who says cartoons are just for children? This animation style is most popular marketing trend typically utilized in the creation of explainer videos to create a visually engaging way. Cartoon animation offers a wide range of applications due to its strong sense of comedy.

5.      Stop Motion Animation

It’s true that “Videos draw attention”.

So, do you remember Wallace and Gromit? If you do, you have a wonderful example of stop-motion animation.

You draw a character – either manually or digitally – then take images, tweak an element of that image (for example, relocating the hand), and take another.

When you’re finished drawing/taking photographs, stack the images together to make a stop-motion video!

6.      Animated Infographic Animation

Infographic videos are primarily reliant on information. This animation is jam-packed with facts, data, figures, charts, and other types of statistics. Having all of this info animated is really beneficial in preventing the viewer from falling asleep while reading through the material.

7.      Screencast Animation

There are many types of animated video content. This is the greatest style to utilize when explaining products, a website, or an app..

This type of film is particularly useful for improving consumers’ experiences when using your product or service, and thereby increasing, or at least maintaining, income at a consistent level.

Most videos that are intended to be tutorials or how-to videos will incorporate animated screencast to make it easier to grasp.

8.      Live-Action Animation

Mixing live-action with animation provides you the best of both worlds when a single kind of video becomes tiresome.

The live-action portion can be personable and trust-building, while the animation portion can be enjoyable and illustrative. Just make sure you get a good camera first.

9.      3D Mechanical Animation

This style of animation is frequently used to promote a physical product. It is typically created using 3D software to demonstrate the assembly process or product specifics. The primary goal is to represent the configuration of a mechanical product and its components graphically.

10.  Flipbook Animation

Flipbook is one of the best solutions in different types of video content if you need an informal style of homespun animation.

The traditional form of this type of animation necessitates a series of hand-drawings that vary progressively from one page to the next. When it rapidly rotates, the images appear to animate by imitating motion.


In A Nutshell:

Finding the proper animation style for your animated video is difficult, but hoping this article will assist you in your hunt for the best sorts of creating to entertain videos for your business, and we’ve learned how to make animation video,

Whether you want to recycle existing material or develop something entirely new, Pixle Digital Inc. has been shown to be effective. Do you believe that animated videos could benefit your company? Please contact us after visiting our website.