5 Useful MacBook Hacks to Increase Your Productivity

MacBooks have always been top-tier productivity tools for professionals working in many different fields because of their high-quality features. 

Many businesses have been shifting to Mac because the machine offers undeniably attractive features: excellent display, a sleek, no-nonsense design, advanced security specs, seamless functionality, and most importantly, fast and highly efficient processors that allow its users to get the job done in no time. 

Perhaps you have owned a MacBook for some time now, but you do not consider yourself an expert user just yet. If you have recently shifted from using a Windows-operated computer to a Mac, you would know that there are key differences in executing specific commands, making it confusing to use at times. 

Are you a novice MacBook user who wants to have a more solid grasp of operating your beast of a machine? Get the job done in the most efficient way possible and boost your overall work productivity with these useful MacBook hacks. 

  •  Start Up Right: Pick applications that launch right after booting your Mac 

Control what applications launch at startup by going to System Preferences and then selecting Users and Groups. Choose the Login items button to select which applications will launch right when you open your MacBook. Et voila, you’re off to a great start!  

  •  A major keyboard shortcut: Press + spacebar to search apps 

 You may be spending more time than necessary searching through your installed apps, programs, documents, and emails stored in your MacBook. Inefficiencies like this often happen to many computer users, so there’s no shame in that. But did you know that you could find just about anything by using the Spotlight feature? 

 You can simply press   and then the spacebar to search for stuff in your MacBook and on the web with Spotlight. You can use Spotlight for launching applications, finding all types of documents stored in your Mac, opening bookmarks or webpages from your browser, asking for the weather wherever in the world, searching activities and reminders based on your calendar, and much more. 

You may view all options available by going to System Settings and selecting Spotlight. 

  •  Talk to your Mac with the dictation feature 

You can talk to your Mac using dictation. Dictation is more apt for quiet or not busy environments like cafes or offices. 

 Opening the Apple menu allows you to find and enable the voice control option. From there, go to System Preferences, then choose Accessibility. There are commands it can readily perform, but you can also customize it and add your very own commands. These can be limited to specific applications or be tied to other actions. 

  • Use keyboard shortcuts 

Speeding up your work pace is possible with these keyboard shortcuts, made for some of the most commonly used commands by MacBook users: 

  + c: Copy text, images, and others

  + a: Select all items

  + x: Cut (and copy) text, images, and much more

  + p: Paste what you just copied or cut

  + z: Undo the previous command executed

Shift +   + z: Reverses the previously executed command

  + f: Find items in a document or open and find a specific window

  + p: Print current document

  + Tab: Switch to the next application you are currently using

  + Shift + 3: Take a screenshot

  + q: Completely quit the current program

The Apple website lists all keyboard shortcuts available, so do check it out. Accessing the keyboard settings page will even enable you to customize shortcuts according to your preferences. 

  • Use macOs tools to boost productivity 

Optimize your workflow by using macOS applications and tools. Some of the best ones to help minimize distractions when you are in the zone include WorkSpace Pro. The program enables you to launch apps and websites that cater to your specific workflow.  

Another useful app designed to help you hit the ground running with work when using your Mac is Serene. The app will block distractions for you, such as websites and apps that you want to stay away from while working. Other bonus features in Serene include playing focus music, reminding you of when you need a break, and set countdown timers for specific tasks. 


Get things done like the boss that you are

It might take some getting used to, but no one ever bettered themselves by being stuck in their old ways. Stay on top of your to-do list and tick those items off quicker by trying out these shortcuts, macOS workflow applications, and customizing commands in your MacBook to suit your needs. 

Whether you own a brand-new Mac or a refurbished MacBook, you now have neat tricks up your sleeve that will help minimize distractions and access functions that you often use when you work.