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6 Simple Ways to be an Advocate Infertility Awareness

As per the World Health Organisation, the world has approximately 48 million couples and 186 million individuals with infertility. It means anyone can have fertility problems. Individuals or couples of any religion, race, economic background, and sex can suffer from it. Such a couple or individual should see an expert at a fertility center or IVF Clinic in Basaveshwara Nagar or in their locality. 

Probably you would know someone suffering from infertility. Whether you know someone or you are on your infertility journey, there are some ways that you can use to be an advocate of infertility awareness. Or you can increase it. Here are those ways for your assistance: 

  1. Educate yourself 

For being an advocate of infertility awareness, you need to know about it. So, first of all, educate yourself. It is possible that you would have no personal experience on this topic. You should start educating yourself from the basics. The points that you should know for being an advocate are:

  • What infertility is
  • Causes in male infertility and female infertility
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment options such as ICSI, IVF, IUI, and surrogacy

After educating yourself, you can start offering help to people with fertility problems. And you can do it from your infertile friend or people in your locality. Instead of stating common misconceptions, you should share the facts and statistics with the one suffering from fertility issues. Gradually, you will have confidence in yourself and move ahead in educating infertile people.  

  1. Ask for the requisite support

You need not to be afraid while asking your friends or known persons with infertility what they require. It is possible that such a person might not be vocal for their requirements as having a fear of being a burden or insecure. To help such an individual, you can ask him/her how I can help you Or what I can do for you. They may not be open for the first time. However, they will know the people like you are with them for the required support. Later on, they can be open to you.    

  1. Listen well 

Listening to their worries, fears, etc. is one of the best ways you can provide the requisite support to your friends or known persons with infertility. You should not be in a hurry to offer unsought advice to people dealing with fertility problems. It might be possible that they would have done their own research work to educate themselves on this topic. You should produce your advice when they ask for it. 

  1. Celebrate 

Navigation on the infertility journey is really tough. Whether your friend or known person has opted for fertility treatments, adoption, or surrogacy, you should celebrate your victory after supporting one. Celebration will bring wellness and lower the stress both of you (you and the person you have helped). Further, it will make them feel supported and loved during their journey and fight against infertility. 

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  1. Check-In 

Every town/city or country has a specific day – National Infertility Awareness Week. It is a great time for you. Try to find when it is observed in your country. After that, be ready to spread awareness and offer the requisite support to the one with infertility as the time is around the corner. You can dedicate yourself to advocating infertility awareness throughout the week or after that by opening an NGO for it. 

  1. Validate

 While communicating and offering the required support, you may notice that people with fertility problems want to know their feelings and emotions are connected to their infertility. It is hard to say how you should handle such a situation as there is no hard and fast rule or method for it. However, you can validate their feelings and emotions by saying that there are many people across the world suffering from it. You can share data and statistics with them to validate what you are telling them.


Being an advocate of infertility awareness is a challenging task. However, educating yourself, listening to people, celebrating their decision, and validating your statements with statistics will help you do this well. You will be happy and satisfied by offering the requisite help to a needy person with fertility problems.