7 Things You Need To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Are you suffering from a hair loss problem that is downing your morale? If yes, you are not alone, as many individuals face this situation. However, with modern advancements in cosmetic technology, you can now restore hair loss. If you prefer a non-surgical way, scalp micropigmentation los angeles is a viable solution. It is a modern technique to get a hairline that looks real to cover scalp baldness. However, before getting this treatment, you must look into the useful information regarding it. So, this post will inform you of seven things about SMP below.

SMP Is Permanent

Temporary hair loss solutions can end up with unfavorable results that make you feel less confident. SMP is considered a permanent hair loss treatment. It will create a replica of the natural hairline on your scalp with a high-quality dotted tattoo. Thus, you would not have to depend more on hairpieces, wigs, and other temporary solutions. One session of high-quality scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment can stay for years.

Painless Procedure

Unlike traditional tattooing, SMP is a much less painful treatment. Even many individuals report that it is not painful but feels uncomfortable sometimes. However, it uses a fine needle to place pigments on the scalp. But it does not cause much pain; hence you can easily get the treatment done. A trained technician will put controlled pressure on your scalp while placing pigments. This would certainly lower the pain and discomfort while getting the treatment. Before SMP, you need to moisturize your scalp properly, which can reduce discomfort as well.

SMP Is Not A Tattoo Work

SMP is usually referred to as scalp tattoo and hairline tattoo. This creates confusion among people that it is a tattoo for hair loss. But actually, it is a cosmetic treatment for the scalp that uses high-end pigmentation ink to create dots on the scalp. The micro-dot of pigments will go deep into the skin. Thus, it will create an illusion of the actual hairs, which are cropped into tiny follicles. Therefore, the SMP treatment can provide far superior results than topicals and hair growth lotions.

SMP Is Effective

It is needless to cite that SMP is a 100 percent effective treatment for hair loss. The right news is that you can undergo scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles regardless of skin type. Undergoing this treatment can provide you with huge relief from chemical-based topical solutions. You also do not need to take pills and medications for hair growth. This is a valid cosmetic treatment that enables you to keep short buzz-cut hairs. Also, it will restore the youthful appearance that you have lost due to hair loss.

Customized Treatment

It is obviously worrisome about the final look of your scalp after SMP hair loss treatment. Therefore, you can take a look at before and after photos of previous clients by visiting the hair clinic. You are fortunate enough as SMP is a customized treatment. You can get it done as per your individualized needs and preferences. You can discuss your hairline needs with the surgeon and can attain desired results. The technician can adjust the hairline as per your requirement to create a natural look for cropped hairs.

You Can Grow Hairs Naturally

SMP is a fine treatment that can work to complete your looks with an illusioned hairline. It can give an aligned shape to your scalp by creating a hairline tattoo with high quality ink. However, if for any cause, you prefer to grow hair naturally, you can consider a hair transplant. Scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment is completely safe as it will not interfere with your health. Therefore, you can easily undergo the procedure of hair restoration. Also, the hairline tattoo will not cause an obstacle to the growth of natural hairs. You can even place pigment around your implanted hairs to get more defined results.


Scalp micropigmentation is a reasonably priced treatment that costs between 2k to 4k. Therefore, you can get this treatment done without spending a fortune. As compared to hair transplant surgery, this treatment is affordable. Also, it has no downtime as you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Also, it has no recovery as you do not have to take any medication after treatment. Moreover, you will get rid of wigs, toupees, and topical lotions forever. This would certainly save you money from spending it on unnecessary products.

To Sum Up

Scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles is a popular treatment that can help you to create hairlines with pigments. It works effectively to draw the desired hairlines on the scalp to cover hair loss. Also, you can get this treatment to hide bald spots and scars. By consulting an expert hair surgeon, you can fulfill your needs. SMP treatment will provide you with higher satisfaction and peace of mind.