Wedding Gifts

A Guide to Safely Collecting and Keeping Wedding Gifts

A wedding event involves great preparation of months, from shopping attires to deciding venue, picking the best photography team to a make-up artist, and choosing the best invitation card, reception menu to inviting guests; there are countless things to perform. And, when the day comes, every wedding couple receives cash cards and gifts on their D-day. They can receive large amounts of cash and expensive gifts on their wedding day; all depends on the family, friends, and cultural background. 

Most of the families take for granted that wedding gifts are automatically safe in a wedding venue, regardless of their location and attendees. While there are people who never leave cash unattended, it should be one of the crucial things to look after, but unfortunately most overlooked! 

How to Manage Your Wedding Gifts Efficiently? 

Always Keep your Celebration Close and Personal

In the current trend, most families are preferring to keep weddings a personal affair; inviting and accompanying only close relatives and friends and those known closely by either party. Dumping big fat weddings helps manage things as well as keeping the gifts and cards safely. 

Choose a Prime Location

It is always a safe idea to pick a place for wedding gifts that is near to the stage. Avoid collecting gifts near the venue exit. Additionally, the table for the wedding gifts must be large and wide enough, making it unreachable for the wedding crashers to take your wedding gifts away. The best idea here is to keep them aside at the wedding cake table. You can  also order gifts for her/ him online from a number of online gifts stores.  

Using a Card Box

Most of the wedding couples receive wedding gifts in the form of cash. It is always a safe and sound idea to use a card box to place all the money in one place. 

Avail Services of Security Provided by the Venue 

Ask your venue management staff to provide the safety essentials — CCTV cameras to keep an eye on any miscreants. And, if your guest list is a huge one, then make sure to make a personal visit to your wedding venue before the actual event. Following the safety measures, you will have a clear idea of what goes where, including your precious wedding gifts table. 

Appoint a Gift Attendant

You can ask a trustworthy friend or family or kin to act as gift attendant. Ask them to keep the gifts in a secure place such as in a locked room. It would be a better idea than to display them in the open. In fact, at some places, the bridesmaid as well the groomsmen are given the responsibility of looking after all the belongings of the couple. Even the gifts and the other monetary items, including cash cards, are given under their custody. To further enhance the security, gift attendants who can be a close relative, event management staff, or a wedding planner personnel, can be appointed to take special care of collecting and storing the wedding gifts. Beside that you also deliver gifts online to newly wedded couples for showing your good wishes and love. 

Creating Online Registry

You can also create an online registry where the presents are sent directly to your new home or parent’s home.  And, the best way is to spread the word that you would prefer presents mailed to your residence or would love to accept online gifts instead of presents brought to the reception.

Another way to safeguard your wedding gifts is to sign up for wedding insurance that will cover your damages. 

Joining Gift Table with Other Tables

Very often, a table is placed next to the gift table at a place which is visible to the larger number of audiences. The main idea behind the same is not to display the wedding gifts, but to make it completely impossible for any wedding theft to occur, as there would be plenty of people who have a glare at the gifts all time throughout the wedding reception. In such an arrangement, anyone would think twice to approach the wedding gifts. 

So, for better safety and to avoid unnecessary pain, you can follow any of the above-suggested ideas to keep your wedding gifts and monetary items safely and aloof from theft. You can order gift delivery not only for weddings but also for other occasions from online platforms.

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