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Addicted to wall cladding? 6 reasons you cannot stop loving them

Natural Stone Walling looks dynamite as well as increases the value of your property. The European-style walls inspire a warm and rural feel to the spaces introduced. Nevertheless, these benefits are just the beginning. If you have not given it a thought yet, here are 7 motivations behind why you cannot overlook Natural Stone Walling.

Wall Cladding Adds Strength 

One of the vital attributes of natural stones is to add to the strength of the existing structures. As such, they improve the mechanical strength of the structure by forestalling any chance of breaks or different harms. Their load-bearing capacity is enormous, and this is the motivation behind why several historical landmarks are standing tall for quite a long time! A layer of wall cladding in external or internal walls will only double the resistance to cracking, hence making it safer for you.

Improves Aesthetics

Wall Claddings have the power to transform the look of your building with ease. You do not even need wall décor or spend on expensive wall paints as wall claddings enliven the space with so much grace. They are often used as statement walls in living rooms and as façade walls in the exteriors.

Once the structure looks aesthetically appealing with cladding, the market value of the building increases. The entire range of wall claddings is available in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes, giving you a variety to choose from. You can make an old provincial look on modern structures or change spaces with distinct colour tones.

Decreases Water Ingestion

Regular walls made of bricks and cement are prone to moisture absorption, especially in places that receive heavy rains or in humid places like bathrooms and swimming pools. Wall cladding helps to reduce water retention and protects the inner wall structure.

A few stones like Granite and Slatestone are impenetrable to water while others are sealed to make them water safe. Stone wall cladding can hence add more years to the life of buildings.

Shields from Environmental Stressors 

Natural stone wall clads are impervious to moisture, heat wave, low temperature, and pressure. Stone claddings made of Limestone, Travertine, and Sandstone protect your indoor space from humidity, pollution, or cold. The protective layer of wall claddings insulates the rooms, which regulates the temperature and hence saves energy.

Simple upkeep

One of the significant benefits of stone wall cladding is that it brings down the upkeep necessities of structures. It requires minor fixes or cleaning. A regular wash or clean gives it a fresh look. Without spending a lot on costly cleaning materials or synthetic substances for upkeep at frequent intervals, you will save a lot of money. Truth be told, rebuilding is simple as well. If there should be an occurrence of a damaged stone, just replace it with a matching new one.

Simplicity of installation

Stone Walling is amazingly simple to introduce. All you want is a steady wall structure reasonable for wall cladding. Stones sawn smooth at the back or organized together in a set can be effortlessly stuck to the substrate. This diminishes work and time, yet in addition, ends up being practical.

You could attempt a DIY while redesigning your space.

The types of wall cladding patterns: 

Free Style Walling- As the name suggests, random shapes of stones are put together to create a spontaneous appearance. This wall cladding has brilliant design flexibility and has the most rustic look.

Stacked Stone Wall Cladding- This walling gets its name from stones that are stacked on top of each other that resemble a brick wall. The only difference is in their size and uniformity, Stacked Stone walling looks great as indoor statement walls or external feature walls.

Ledge Stone Walling- Not vastly different from Stacked waling, Ledge Stone Cladding features stones stacked atop each other wherein the horizontal joints are more prominent than the vertical joints.

In conclusion

If you are yet to consider whether to put resources into Natural Stone Wall Cladding, think no further. It will be quite possibly the best choice you would make for your property and upgrade its appearance and worth by many folds.