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Remember, in mid-2018, NVIDIA introduced the Max-Q technology, which gave a start to the appearance of thin and light gaming laptops with a productive graphics subsystem. And judging by the laptops that began to appear on the gaming device market, it became clear that the “green” initiative had paid off. Over the past six months, we have seen a surge in mobile PCs with a low profile and low weight combined with powerful graphics chips that easily coped with modern AAA class blockbusters.

Dell Alienware M15 Specifications

Device typegaming laptop
CPUIntel Core i7-8750H
Video cardNvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q, 8 GB
RAM16 GB DDR4, 2666 MHz
Screen15.6 ″, IPS, 144 Hz, 1920×1080 pixels
Data storages512 GB SSD
Battery90 Wh
Max. FPS in games at max. graphics:
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 
: Wildlands 
Forza Horizon 4
58 frames / s 
49 frames / s 
95 frames / s
Test benchmarks:
AS SSD Benchmark 2.0 (write / read) 
Cinebench R15
2187 points (2328.95 / 944.63 MB / s) 
1203 points
InterfacesHDMI 2.0, Mini DisplayPort 1.3, Ethernet, Thunderbolt 3, 2x USB 3.1 Type-A, 3.5 mm, port for connecting an external graphics accelerator Alienware
Dimensions1.80 x 36.3 x 27.5 cm / 2.16 kg
Cost of2220 Dollars

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One of the latest innovations in the segment of thin gaming laptops is the Dell Alienware M15 model which further strengthens the position of NVIDIA Max-Q technology in production laptops. Of course, a gaming PC with a similar price will not power this notebook: for example, you can buy an Alienware Aurora desktop computer for several tens of thousands of rubles cheaper and do not harm yourself with anything. But … if you needed a gaming PC, you would hardly be looking for a gaming laptop for yourself, right?

Pros Dell Alienware M15

  • Competitive Value
  • Long battery life
  • Very good keyboard

Cons Dell Alienware M15

  • The touchpad is not designed for games
  • Not able to stably hold 60 FPS in some games

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Alienware M15 Features

The most important thing that attracts the Alienware M15 is its portability, but not the cost of $ 2,180 (about rubles). Its compact build (1.80 x 36.3 x 27.5 cm) includes a 15.6-inch display, a full-sized keyboard with an additional digital panel, a fairly large touchpad and two speakers. The basis of the hardware is the eighth generation processor Intel Core i7 Series H, 16 GB of RAM, SSD-drive form factor M.2 with a capacity of 512 GB, as well as a lithium-ion battery capacity of 90 Wh.

Alienware M15 Features

In principle, you can buy the same model Alienware M15 but cheaper – for $ 1380. But in this case, the equipment will be more modest: a GTX 1060 video card (instead of a GTX 1070 in the above configuration), 8 GB of RAM and a hybrid 1 TB HDD with 8 GB of SSHD. It’s clear that NVMe solid-state storage will provide you with much faster game download speeds than high-capacity SSHD based on traditional magnetic disks and quite a bit of fast flash memory.

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Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop Display

It’s hard to argue that Alienware M15 is an elegant adult. The top cover is divided into three sections, decorated with a branded engraving of the manufacturer and painted in the color of crimson glaze Nebula Red: an exclusive option for a laptop with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Those who choose a cheaper solution (60 Hz) can only rely on Epic Silver silver trim. By the way, the crimson color may seem to many too girls.


The lower part of the body, including the keyboard unit, received a muted carbon color and a matte finish, resistant to the appearance of fingerprints. which alternates between glossy and matte. I like the soft touch of frosted areas that are susceptible to fingerprints, as they can be. But the space above the keyboard, where the speaker grille is located, is covered with glossy plastic and is quite wide in size, which visually reduces the cost of the appearance of the device.

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In the thinnest part of the case, the Alienware M15 is only 1.80 cm thick. It is slightly thicker than the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin laptop with a height of 1.75 cm. At the same time, the Razer Blade 15 ″ gaming solution is even ″ thinner than both above opponents (only 1.72 cm). Of all of them, the Alienware M15 also weighs more – 2.16 kg. Meanwhile, the GS65 Stealth Thin and Razer Blade weigh 1.85 kg and 2.03 kg respectively. However, this is not a minus, because the weight of the Alienware M15 increases the battery, which adds more autonomy to the laptop.

Model M15 is equipped with a mechanical keyboard Alienware AlienFX m Series with a keystroke of 1.4 mm. At the same time, a clear tactile response is ensured: better than that of the closest competitors. The plastic touchpad is good enough for everyday life, but too small and inaccurate for gaming. This is especially noticeable in comparison with the glass touchpad installed in the laptop Razer Blade. Therefore, when buying an Alienware M15, it is better to pre-allocate a budget for purchasing an intelligent gaming mouse.

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Dell Alienware M15 Gaming Performance

Dell claims that on Alienware M15 you can play all modern games while enjoying uncompromising graphics. Given the cost of 150,000 rubles, I would very much like it to be so, isn’t it? Mobile GeForce GTX 1070 has always been the ideal solution for gaming at 1440p resolution. In the M15 model, it tries to meet the standard of 60 FPS at 1080p resolution in the latest computer games. Let’s see how she does it?

In the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the Alienware M15 laptop showed 58 stable frames per second at maximum graphics settings. The built-in benchmark of the game Ghost Recon: Wildlands showed an average FPS value of 49 frames per second (on a Razer Blade 15 laptop with the same video card and processor, this result was 44 frames per second). Forza Horizon 4 turned out to be less demanding on M15 resources, showing FPS in the interval from 80 to 95 frames / s. At the same time, the laptop was notably heated, so we do not recommend keeping it on your lap during long gaming sessions.

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