Amazon vs Shopfy

Amazon Vs Shopify: The Best Seller for Your Business

With the advancement in technology and more use of the internet, many businesses have found a space to trade online. Online shopping is growing at a fast pace even during these COVID crises many businesses have earned at an exponential and online startups are emerging with an increasing trend. Therefore, online business has become a part of everyday life and it is a great way to start your business. Amazon and Shopify are the big names of all times, with both has a lot of opportunities to offer in the e-Commerce business. Here, we will be discussing the comparison between Amazon and Shopify and the best platform to start your online business.


According to some recent reports, in America alone there are more than 150 million monthly visitors. Keeping in mind those statistics, it makes the choice pretty much challenging. Moreover, few other statistics reflected that 50% of US users preferred Amazon over other platforms.

Selling through Amazon is to sell products through their marketplace, it is just like putting up a stall on a fair where numerous people browse and buy your product. Through Amazon, people are not specifically searching for any specific product still there will be a lot more traffic towards your product line. Selling via Amazon marketplace is like people are walking up to your stall and see what you have to offer to them. Another amazing feature of Amazon is that it is quite favorable for medium and individual sellers. There are a lot more opportunities for small to medium size businesses to explore while using Amazon.

Amazon vs Shopfy

On the other hand, Amazon has many key advantages that includes; massive scope of sales, solid customer support, continuing earnings without marketing, unsolicited referrals and having countless perks.

The following conditions should apply when you are opting for Amazon;

  • Spirit of competing with others.
  • You have just started off and are planning to build a customer base.
  • Looking for a hassle-free platform and wants to start immediately.

Shopify vs. Amazon

As per few data reports that suggests; so far Shopify has powered more than 600,000 stores across the globe that have $82 billion worth of items being sold through this platform. So unlike Amazon, Shopify is not merely an online store but it helps you to equip yourself with the tools necessary to build your own online store.

To clearly understand the extent and scope of Shopify it is like renting a specific building to run your own business. Furthermore, you will be working in your own domain and space without any competitors. You are the owner of your brand and the people who came up to visit your building meant to buy products from your brand rather than any other online store. This gives you more freedom in terms of building your own persona and has more flexibility to run market awareness campaigns for your target market.

The key advantages that Shopify has to offer include; visual attractive online store, user-friendly features make an online store easy to set up, reliable and secure, App integrations and Mobile Responsiveness.

The following conditions to be taken care of when you’re using Shopify as a platform.

  • Do not want competition.
  • Identify your brand in a market and build an online presence
  • Ready to put in an extra effort to build market awareness about your brand.
  • Persistence for getting a regular customer base.