Beats Studio Wireless Headphone

Beats Studio Wireless Headphone

Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the leading brands for audio music that has introduced generations of headphone and earphone. Beats is been working hard on its headphone over the years. Beats studio wireless Headphone is noise canceling headphone that provides wireless connectivity by pairing using IOS device. Providing best music quality, Beats Studio lets you really feel any music. With great battery performance and out of world design, beats studio is here to not only stay but to capture the market.

Beats Studio Wireless Headphone Specifications

Beats Studio Wireless is foldable, over the head headphone. This is blue tooth enabled headphone. The jack in Beats Studio is 3.5 mm. They come along with a carrying case, mic-cable, and inline remote and cleaning cloth as well. Beats Studio mic lets you take hands-free calls during listening to music. Beats Studio weighs 210 g and comes with one year warranty. They are priced at $276.66 on Amazon.

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1- Battery

The battery of Beats Studio lasts up to 20 hours wired and 12 hours wireless. It charges with the internal rechargeable battery using USB. With battery fuel checker, you could check much remaining battery so you could charge in time.

2- Display

Beats Studio Wireless Headphone is famous for its sleek design and outclasses look. This headphone beats every other headphone when it comes to looks. The rails of Beats Studio Headphone are expandable up to 2 inches. The headphone has a logo of company imprinted on them. Plastic padding on the outside and leather padding in the inside makes them very comfortable.

3- Sound

The bass of Beats Studio feels quite pleasant and it gives you quite the feels listening to high notes in music. However, the high and mid sound notes might sound dull to some users. Sound can also leak often on high volume.

4- Noise Cancellation

ANC technology used in Beats Studio headphones lets you listen to both the music and noises from the outside. If you want to cancel the noise, you can increase the level of noise cancellation as it could be automated.

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5- Comfort

Beats Studio headphones are really comfortable around the head. They fold easily and could be taken anywhere with ease.

6- Bluetooth

Bluetooth of Beats Studio lets you wander about 30 feet away. So you could be in any room in the house and still hear the music. You could also change volume and tracks using Bluetooth connectivity.


Beats Studio is another name of comfort combined with style. Slightly overpriced, they bring you to outclass music and sleekness to die for. Beats studio promises to deliver clear and personal music experience. It also provides perfect bass as well as sound quality. Beats Studio headphone gets full points for its wireless connectivity and enhances your style with its sleek design.

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