Best Android Games to Play in 2019

It will also help you to keep your mind active and sharpen memory. To play games on the phone is an easy way and time-saving activity too. All you need to do is to just install a game and play it in your spare time. Android gaming applications are usually free of cost and trending nowadays. You can play android games with your friends and family as well.

Best Android Games to Play in 2019

Last year was the year of gaming, many gaming companies launched their game in the past year. 2018 leave much gaming for us to play in 2019 but here follow we jot down the best Android game to play that you can play in the year of 2019.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is free to play the game also requires an internet connection to play. The app is supporting almost all the latest Android devices easily. It requires 2GB RAM for working in smartphones. The game includes the supply of Pokémon from various parts of the Sinnoh region from where they are originally found.

You can discover many Pokémon during the game and lots of surprises which are required for their nurturing including incubator etc. For fighting with opponents, you need to train your Pokémon and prepare it to do so.

Moreover, you can also play with your animal on the battlefield with other players. The game is famous throughout the world and also declared as the best game of the year.

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Evoland is the  Showbox Apk game in which you have to discover new areas during an adventurous journey.  The story is quite different and interesting due to adventure and action in the game.

You will find many difficult points during the adventure in which you have to cross dungeons, hills and difficult areas of the land. After that, you will also get many prizes and rewards.

Evoland is compatible with all android devices and works without ads so that you can easily enjoy your game. The animation includes high-quality graphics with the beautifully colored display to make the game more appealing.


The game develops a sense of building and management in the player as it has a very unique story. You need to build a house from an ordinary to a luxurious one in different levels. For this purpose, you have to mine deep down the land to get treasure and money.

You will also have to fight against the enemy to save your money and territorial area. After winning the fight, you will be awarded many prizes which will help you during mining. You can play the game with your friends with the multiplayer option.

It is compatible with all android and window devices and requires an internet connection for work.

Nintendo Switch Online

The game includes voice messaging during the game. You can talk to all the players and also send a voice message to selective persons in team up. You can also play the game with a single player. The game includes a cartoon character which also has an attractive color scheme.

Nintendo Switch online would increase your online gaming experience and it is safe for android phones. The application requires a good internet connection for working and may include ads during services.

Riptide GP

The AC Market  game includes the traveling in the water with high-quality hydro jets. It’s a racing game in which you are moving in water with high speed to win. It has high-quality graphics inbuilt with stunning animations to make it more appealing.

The game has 3 different playing modes with more than 12 passageways.  It is supporting multiple languages to make the game easier to play.

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