Best Blood Pressure Monitors


Blood pressure monitors are a most useful invention in the modern century. With the help of blood pressure checking device, one could conveniently monitor blood pressure at their home, without consulting doctor and paying. Any person just needs to buy this little device and easily can check the blood pressure at any time. Everyone knows the high and low blood pressure is a major factor that causes heart failure and other related diseases.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Hypertension is a major factor to cause severe diseases and the most alarming issue is that most people don’t know that they have hypertension issue and un-monitored blood pressure issues. But now it’s easy to check the hypertension level by using blood pressure monitoring devices at their home. Blood pressure monitoring devices help in checking if your blood pressure is rising or if it is low or even if it is normal so that you can proactively manage health to prevent rising blood pressure level.

1- Omron 7 Series Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure monitoring device is considered best and recommended by doctors as well as pharmacists as the most accurate blood pressure monitoring devices. This device is also best selling blood pressure monitoring device as claimed by manufacturers. This device could store and review the last 100 reading along with time-stamps. It fits on wrists sized 5 ¼” to 8 ½. Its price is $48.23.

The device contains Heart Zone Guidance that reads accurately and automatically displays last 3 readings on a monitor. They come in slim design, convenient and easily portable. It also contains a heartbeat detector that could detect and alert you of any irregularity in a heartbeat.

2- RMS FDA Approved Digital Auto Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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RMS Digital Auto Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor has an automatic arm style and automatically reads the device as well as heart rate. It also has a large LCD display. Also, you can easily check readings as well as heart rate. It contains medium cuff and has 5-years warranty. It is priced at $22.97.

RMS blood pressure device is FDA approved as well as CE certified. This device is also very user-friendly as well as easy to use. It also indicates if the battery gets low as well as turns off automatically when not in use so its battery does not run out quickly. One could also create up to 4 user groups so to save readings of users individually with up to 30 readings per group.

3- Easy@Home Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Easy@Home Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures pulse rate as well as blood pressure at the same time. This blood pressure monitoring device is very convenient to use using only one button. This device provides advanced five level blood pressure reading and Irregular Heartbeat indication as well. This device comes with backlit LCD display Systolic as well as Diastolic blood pressure rate.

This device can keep about 60 readings in memory along with their time stamps. It also comes with an intelligent feature of calculating and averaging the last 3 readings and displaying it. It has a comfortable cuff with no-wire. This blood pressure monitoring device is easy to use and convenient, so you could carry it around whenever you need to go out, thanks to it being designed wireless. It is priced at $19.99.

4- MeasuPro Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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MeasuPro Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure using one-step measurement technology. It is easy to use and it measures blood pressure and pulse rate as well. This digital blood pressure monitoring device could store 120 measurements and up to 60 records of a single person.

It also calculates the average of last 3 readings and displays them automatically. You could track and access your performance at any time. This blood pressure monitor also comes with large display and screen comes in a color-coded bar. You could also see blood pressure in terms of systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure. This blood pressure is also compact as well as lightweight. It is also wireless and easy to carry around with you. It is also quick in taking a measurement by pressing a single button. It is designed to be used by two users individually and take measurements and readings individually.

5- Lotfancy Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

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Lotfancy Talking Blood pressure Monitor is convenient and user-friendly at the same time. It is rated as the most accurate home blood pressure monitoring machine. It could save about 180 readings. Two persons could view their readings and time stamps individually.

Lotfancy Talking Blood pressure monitor displays readings in two languages i-e English and Spanish. Its irregular heartbeat indication technology automatically detects and lets you know if you have irregular breathing. It contains wide ring cuff, power adapter as well as an instruction manual in its packaging. It is priced at $26.18.


Blood pressure monitors are important for every household especially the one having elderly members. Choosing the right blood pressure monitoring devices depends on a few factors i-e whether you want one with the LED display or the one that stores multiple reading. One also has to check whether he needs the device that stores readings in multiple user groups and also checks pulse rate or not. Also convenient and easy to carry device is also preferable. The best decision would be to choose the device that is rated to tell the most accurate readings.

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