NSF to PST Converter

Conversion From NSF to PST – Manual vs Professional Tool

However, Outlook doesn’t let NSF files directly connect to the Outlook account. Lotus Notes users who want to switch to the Outlook client must first convert NSF to PST. Both IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are standard emailing programs. IBM Notes employs the NSF data storage file type, whereas MS Outlook saves information in PST files.

This technical guide will show you how to convert NSF files to PST with different methods. NSF to PST conversion can be performed using manual techniques or specialized NSF to PST converter software. Even manual processes have flaws; we’ll discuss them in between the guide.

Before learning how to convert NSF to PST, Let’s first look at some of the factors behind this.


NSF to PST conversion factors include:

  • When moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook, the user needs to convert NSF files to PST format. The NSF file format cannot be imported or accessed directly to MS Outlook.
  • Another fact is that IBM Lotus Notes is a little more challenging to handle than Microsoft Outlook. Outlook’s email client software is also more cost-effective than Lotus Notes.
  • Some Lotus Notes users believe in backing up Lotus Notes emails to PST files in local storage. It is also a reason that encourages users to convert NSF to PST.
  • MS Outlook’s email client is fully compatible with the web, Windows OS, Android, and smartphones. It is verifiable for both individual and business users. When users switch systems, the Lotus Notes application doesn’t say for sure that it will be available on the new system.
  • MS Outlook has advanced specifications and a simple way to manage them. It lets users sync everything quickly and is effortless that anyone can use.

This blog explains a few of the reasons behind NSF to PST conversion. The causes may be different depending on what the users want.


  1. Free NSF-to-PST conversion- Manual method:

You can use this free way to convert NSF to PST. Before you use the free method, you should make a backup copy of your Lotus Notes data. Then, do what’s processed below.

Step 1: Export IBM Notes NSF File to a CSV file:

  • Start the system’s Lotus Notes application and open the desired NSF files to export.
  • Then, save the file with a good name by going to Mailbox >> File >> Export.
  • Now, click Save as type and decide Comma Separated Value (CSV files) format.
  • On the next screen for CSV Export, choose the option you want and click OK.
  • The selected NSF files are exported in CSV format and stored in the desired location.

 Step 2: Import that CSV file into the MS Outlook account:

  • This step also requires the first run MS outlook profile.
  • Select the File option from the menu bar.
  • Tap Open & Export from the sidebar.
  • Now, choose the option that says Import/Export.
  • Choose the option- “Import from another program or file” from the list. Click “Next.”
  • Now, go to the Comma Separated Value file type and click Next.
  • Find the file you want to import and click Next. If you export or filter duplicate items, choose any option you want.
  • Next, select the Outlook folder in your desire to place the NSF items. Click “Next.”
  • To exit the wizard, click the Finish button.

Note- Not everyone can the free method for NSF to PST conversion. But, it needs users who strongly know how to convert NSF to PST. Many things can put incorrect, and even a slight error on the part of a human could cause data to be lost or items to go missing.

Hence, a better choice is to utilize an automated NSF to PST converter software that functions perfectly. With the professional solution in the next section, you can avoid all the problems and trouble.


  1. An automated way for NSF to PST conversion:

Shoviv Software is a leading title in converting data and different solutions. The Shoviv NSF to PST converter makes this conversion effortless and doesn’t cause any hassles.

This powerful software uses advanced algorithms and maintains metadata properties. Because of its user-friendliness and lack of complexity, it is beneficial and accessible to everyone. It’s quick and safe to convert NSF to PST because it has multiple features and functions.

There are also more advanced features like mapping folders, email translation, filters, and a preview. It lets the incremental export feature resume the interrupted process. It also makes transferring new and revised data easier without having duplicity.


Wrap up:

We understand above the manual process is only free of charge but doesn’t care about your data, time, or efforts. The stated above automated NSF to PST converter software is efficient and guarantees an entirely secure procedure.

This solution has a free version that lets you try out the first 50 items per folder. Anyone can get a free trial to see how well it works. For a pleasing result, choose this perfect way to convert NSF to PST.