Convert NSF Files to PST Files with Latest Methods

Convert NSF Files to PST Files In 2022 with Latest Solution

We are getting an increase in the number of queries users are asking to convert NSF files to PST files without having any sort of errors. Hence we decided to provide users with both the conventional & modern solutions to get a detailed understanding of the task. Here, first, we need to understand the reason why users want to execute such a task & then we will move forward toward the actual solution.

Lotus Notes is a very unique application in itself. However, it failed very badly when it comes to upgrading as per the latest technology. This is why users are shifting towards a better alternative, which is Microsoft Outlook in the majority of cases. Once the decision is final, the real struggle starts. 

This is where users get a lot of challenges in getting the perfect solution for the operation. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you can easily execute your operation without facing any potential challenges.

Automatically Convert NSF File to PST File Format with Utmost Safety

We did a lot of research in finding the most reliable solution for your query. hence, we found this informative article that explains How to Transfer Emails From Lotus Notes to Outlook 2016 with all the features & capabilities of the software. However, in a nutshell, here we’re going to learn the step-by-step procedure in depth.

For this task, users need to download the automated tool that is specially designed to tackle all the potential threats & challenges to provide accurate results. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your expected results.

Step-1. Download the Automated Tool from the above link & then Launch it.

Step-2. Add your Lotus Notes Files (NSF) to this application & then proceed.

Step-3. Select Mailbox Items you want to convert into PST files & move ahead.

Step-4. Set Destination Location Path where you want to get the resultant files.

Step-5. Finally, Click on the Export button to begin the operation of file conversion.

These 5 simple steps can easily provide you with the expected results in no time. However, users must keep one thing into consideration. Lotus Notes version 9.0.1 is mandatory for this operation.

Why is an Automated Method Beneficial for Users in 2022?

There are plenty of reasons why Mircosoft MVPs & and many other IT professionals suggest the automated method for this operation. We are going to discuss these features to understand how the automated solution helps users in getting their files converted in a minimum time.

  • To convert NSF files to PST files, the automated tool provides a simplified UI that makes file conversion easy.
  • Not just Emails, this tool also converts Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes & Journals into the PST file format.
  • Maintaining the Internet header, HTML formatting & doc links is very easy with this modern utility.
  • Users can split their PST files up to 200 GB using this utility which is a helpful aid according to experts.
  • The date filter helps users in converting files from a specific date range in order to speed up the entire task.
  • Users can easily convert their bulk Lotus Notes files without facing any errors or data loss/corruption.
  • Category filters help in selective conversion as per users’ requirements. They can selectively convert email, contacts calendars, etc.

What’s the Manual Method to Convert NSF Files to PST Files?

Now that we have covered the automated method, here’s the manual method for users that are searching for the manual method. Despite being rejected by the Professionals, we did our research & here is the manual method.

The manual method has its own disadvantages that we are going to cover later. Below are the steps to execute the entire task using the manual method.

Step-1. Start the Lotus Notes Application to begin the manual operation.

Step-2. Click File >> Click Lotus Notes Application to open the prompt window.

Step-3. Find your NSF Files in the Open Application >> Click on the Open button.

Step-4. Go to the File Menu section >> Click on the Export button

Step-5. Name your File & Select comma separated value (CSV) >> Export button.

Shortcomings of Compromising with the Techniques & Tool

Now we must understand why users don’t really prefer the manual method to get the results. Although there are a lot of reasons, here we’re going to look at the most common & annoying drawbacks that users should be aware of.

  • The manual method to convert NSF file to PST is not safe as it may corrupt your PST files in various ways.
  • We’ve seen several cases where users have completely lost their files while converting their files.
  • It’s not possible to convert bulk Lotus Notes files with this method as it is not capable of processing multiple files.
  • There are no filters available to speed up the task & reduce the storage space from getting unnecessary data.
  • The manual method does not provide the status report after the successful completion of the operation.

The Final Say 

Now we can make a wise decision because we are aware of both the methods, their features & drawbacks. Well, experts suggest an automated approach is the best for such queries to prevent data loss & file corruption. This statement is even true as several users reported a better experience of file conversion with the automated approach.

If you want to convert NSF files to PST files, then the automated tool is the right choice for you. For a little bit more detailed study you can check out the above-mentioned article that explains the modern method in even more depth. With the right tool & technique, difficult tasks can be made very easy.

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