Corsair k68 RGB

Corsair k68 RGB

How often do you hamster during gaming sessions? Anyway, among gamers, there are adequate lovers to crack the chips proper at the back of the computer, and it was once for them that the CORSAIR K68 RGB gaming keyboard was developed. “Klava” is wired, included by way of IP32 popular (from water and dust), which capability it can withstand by accident spilled drinks, crumbs from food and different contaminants that irrigate the desktop of PC users. Make a mistake of it fully and accordingly bring you out of motion is not likely to succeed.


Manipulator typegaming keyboard
Keys for multimedia functionsthere is
Dedicated Macro Keysnot
Palm restthere is
Cable management systemnot
Protection against external factorsfrom water, dust and dirt (IP32)
Anti-ghost featurehave (prevents accidental key presses)
ConnectionUSB (2.1 m long cable)
Dimensions455 x 170 x 39 mm / 1.41 kg
Cost of6500 rubles

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The secret of the sturdiness of this keyboard is very trivial. The manufacturer absolutely established a rubber interlayer over the mechanical key switches, which varieties a “circular defense” of each of the switches and does now not permit particles of dirt and dirt to get into the keyboard case. Even if you spill a cup of water on the keys, it will not attain the mechanical part when confronted with a rubber barrier.

But, on account that in case of tilting the keyboard, the liquid can still get to the switch, it ought to be drained with care. This process, I ought to admit, is quite laborious. You will need to take away all the keys and gently put off the water the usage of wipes that take in moisture. Or depart the keyboard on my own till the water evaporates completely.

Corsair k68 RGB Gaming Keyboard Design

As for the layout of the keyboard – it is assembled with high quality, however, the lack of an aluminum panel, which Corsair pretty frequently makes use of in its keyboard products, is a bit surprising. But there are committed keys for controlling multimedia functions: turning on and off the volume, switching tune tracks, etc. Also, CORSAIR K68 RGB is equipped with a large plastic wrist relaxation that lets in you to relax your fingers while working.

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It would be wrong to name this keyboard too simple, although visually you will not find any extra buttons for macros, for example. However, the keys accessible are entirely programmable, making Claudia the ideal preference for MMORPG and royal battle games. In the appendage, large rubberized pads on the underside supply the CORSAIR K68 RGB proper balance if you do no longer pull out the folding legs (they are no longer outfitted with rubber pads).

Corsair k68 RGB

I would like to see on the keyboard case a pair of USB ports for connecting smartphones, flash drives, and gaming headsets, however, alas. USB connectors are now not provided. Not that it is critical, however nearly each and every gaming keyboard with such gear is no longer deprived. And taking into account the perceptible fee of two CORSAIR K68 RGB two (about 10,000 rubles), the absence of this “body kit” only reasons confusion and cognitive dissonance.

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Corsair k68 RGB Tuning

To set up the keyboard, you will want to download from the Internet the authentic software program of the producer of the CORSAIR Utility Engine, which will enable you to for my part customize the key illumination and reprogram the keys to perform alternative actions or macro commands. If you have extra gaming peripherals from Corsair (mouse or headset), the CORSAIR Utility Engine will act as a single configuration core for all products. Therefore, do no longer be amazed that this software program occupies seven-hundred MB of disk space.

After putting in the utility, it will without delay check for up to date firmware and, if available, will update your system to the trendy version. In the menu that opens, you will see three tabs: “Actions”, “Highlights” and “Speed”. It is now not hard to guess that the “Backlight” tab is accountable for setting the glow of the keys (each in my view or without delay a crew of buttons), as nicely as the light effect (rainbow, pulse, wave, etc.). “Performance” lets in you to lock the [Win] key and the [Alt] + [Tab] and [Alt] + [F4] combinations. And the “Actions” menu presents the ability to create macros and reassign keys.

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