Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3

Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3

Compact Sound Creative BlasterX Kratos S3 speaker device is bought in stores at a very modest price around 80 Dollars, which already motivates you to buy.
Compact Sound Creative BlasterX Kratos S3 speaker device is bought in stores at a very modest price around 80 Dollars, which already motivates you to buy. The 2nd element you immediately notice is the commonplace producer in the audio field: after all, Creative does now not knit brooms.


Column type2.1 stereo speaker system
Satellite / subwoofer power2 x 11 watts / 24 watts
Size of satellite speakers / subwoofer2x 2.75 inches / 5.25 inches
Frequency range60 – 20 000 Hz
Volume controlon the right column
Headphone jackon the right column
Bass level controlon the back of the subwoofer
Dimensions of satellites158x95x102mm / 0.5kg
Subwoofer Dimensions227x170x227 mm / 2.4 kg

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Creative is not the first time proving that the acoustics of 2.1 structure have to no longer be biased, believing that it is unable to furnish a desirable level of sound. Before that, we had a high-end mannequin Creative SBX Kratos S5 on the test, and consequently it’s doubly interesting to find out what precisely the low-end model was reduce down on and what it can do with the older version.

Creative SBX Kratos s3 Design

So, buying this lovely speaker, you will be amazed that even the field itself is small: you can drag it to the residence in your palms if you do not have a car. Open it and extract the contents. Everything, as the producer promises – two satellites and one subwoofer. There are no extra wires here, for all cables are fixed. Assembling the gadget is extraordinarily simple: caught the audio system in the sub, connected to the outlet and the computer, and then commence immediately installing the drivers and configuration. Convenient, and no fuss.

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Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 made in a basic simple style and black colors. Only the nameplate SBX stands out. The case of the columns and the subwoofer is made of MDF (these are foamed and chopped wooden sawdust) and is lined with a matte film, on which fingerprints do not remain. Glossy here are solely rings round the audio system on the satellites. The speaker, through the way, has a diameter of 2.75 inches in every speaker and is blanketed by means of a steel grille. On the right column is a volume control.

The diameter of the subwoofer is extra outstanding – 5.25 inches. It is placed below, between the support legs. On the again of the “black box” energy manipulate bass. Immediately, we observe that mixing up the proper and left audio system when related to a subwoofer will not work with all the desire, because we have the RCA plug on the proper speaker and the ordinary mono pin on the left. They are inserted into the corresponding connectors on the rear panel of the sub. The performance itself is neat and meticulous, which is common of Creative products.

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The tubular diffuser, which we see on the front panel of the subwoofer, is responsible for the depth of the low frequencies and does not enable them to be distorted. Thus, the gaming surroundings is no longer disturbed by way of wheezing and crackling. In addition, this plan approves not only to experience the enveloping bass in games, however also dynamic musical compositions, in which the low-frequency beat prevails. And the movie blasts sound very good.

Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 Sound Quality

So, Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 is located via the producer as a gaming machine with surround sound. How are we with the volume? The frequency separation of the channels is very good. With medium frequencies, which on the whole be successful in games, the audio system work on all 5 points, however, at high frequencies there is noise. But … this is if you unscrew the quantity to the maximum. The subwoofer flawlessly enhances the photograph in the low-frequency range: you can effortlessly scare the neighbors if you rock the bass too loudly.

Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3

In a small room, the Creative speaker system creates a pleasant, active sound. Of course, for giant areas this is no longer the fantastic choice, but when the sources of sound are from you at a distance of much less than a meter or a meter and a half, the whole lot is in order. You can even throw a small indoor disco or watch a movie with pretty a true sound. For those who want a better sound, we suggest paying attention to the Kratos S5, outfitted with a built-in audio chip and a manipulate panel.

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