Echo Dot Smart Wireless Speaker

Echo Dot Smart Wireless Speaker

Echo Dot is a new voice-controlled hands-free product. This device is capable of voice interaction, setting alarms, playing music and make calls. Echo Dot can also play audiobooks as well as control Amazon video. This wireless speaker also reads the news, send and receive messages. Even though it has been shrunk in size and price it contains almost everything one can imagine.

This speaker is a very affordable device. You could also call it perfect smart speakers. It has good sound quality and can also be used as a streaming device. This speaker also has child-friendly perks with it with a two-year damage replacement warranty.

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Echo Dot Smart Wireless Speaker Specification:

Echo Dot has built-in speakers so can be used to set alarm as well as play music and audiobooks. This speaker comes with a 3.5 mm stereo cable. It could be connected to the speakers and other headphones using Bluetooth.

Design of this wireless speaker is very unique, impressive because it is a very small less space taking device. It is only 32mm tall. You can keep it anywhere you want or can take it with you wherever you go. Echo dot wireless speaker lacks a volume ring. It has two buttons on its top to control the volume directly and have listened and mute button has a light ring also which indicates when Alexa is listening to you or whether it is muted. It also has the micro-USB port.

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Echo Spatial Perception

It is very efficient in performance. Whenever you want to use the device say the word “Alexa” the device will be activated and will be lighted up. Voice sensors of the wireless speaker are so sharp that it can sense your voice across the room with 7 far-field microphones in a place with huge noise or even when music is playing on it. Echo Dot can also help you anywhere being a voice-controlled computer. In case you have two or more Alexa devices at home, it predicts that automatically and the device closer to you responds in return.


Even before getting out of bed, you could ask your favorite speaker to turn on the lights as well as start the thermostat. You could also teach Alexa to recognize your voice. Echo Dot connects easily with almost all home-devices such as TV, fans, switches, SmartThings, Nest and many more.


Echo speaker has a long lasting battery. It has a specially designed frame evo battery. Battery capacity 5200 mah that you can continuously use for six hours. The line out functionality used in this device is very useful.


Because of its useful, impressive and unique specifications and because of its fewer prices anyone can easily and willing buy this device online on Amazon or you can also grab it from your near stores. Everyone should buy this Eco Dot to make their life easier. It makes your day more exciting by doing anything by just saying it.

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