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Edible Glitter : A New Addition To Staple Edible Decorations?

Preparation can be tempting only if it lives up to the high standard of food aesthetics. With over 70 types of natural food garnishings worldwide. Derived from the French word ‘Garni’, a garnish is an edible adornment for beautifying food. Sometimes, it could be used to add a new flavour to the food.

While natural garnishings have their fragrance, freshness, and aroma as strengths, they somehow fall short of the charms when pitted against artificial food decorations. Why? This is so because these garnishings do not perish as quickly as natural decorations. Therefore, artificial edible decorations can be used for a long time, thanks to their longer shelf lives.

Here’s edible glitter! It’s widely known for winging last-second decorations, as it’s easy to use and always available. The sparkling spin gives a dazzling finish to diverse delicacies after sprinkling. Read about how these glitzy granules are created!

What is Edible Glitter, and How is it Created?

Shiny things charm human eyes, which is why edible glitter has such a rare appeal. It is a perfect blend of acacia, cornstarch, sugar, maltodextrin, and a splash of FDA-approved colour additives! From pleasing pastels to brilliant bolds, edible glitter is available in many shades and has a secured spot in the sugar crafter’s toolkit.

Thanks to its popularity and ease of use, edible glitter’s reach has exponentially grown over the years. The rising fad of sparkle over food on the internet has turned edible glitter into a primary decoration of baked delights. The best part? Edible flakes make food items look mesmeric and buzzworthy without altering their taste and odour!

But along with the positive traction came negative opinions because of some incidents involving food glitter. According to a 2017 report in The Sun, a pub came to notice for serving gravy garnished with edible glitter during the holiday season. Later, it was found on various other dishes, snacks, and drinks. It eventually led to a heated debate on social media on if it was okay to have edible glitter with every other food or not.

Let’s find out if edible glitter is a decent and safe choice for adorning food preparations and how often it should be consumed.

Learning About Non-toxic Edible Glitter

From glittery churros to twinkling bagels, edible glitter can give a great twist to myriad snacks and meals! While edible glitter is safe for giving enthralling dazzle to food items, it shouldn’t be eaten too often. Edible glitter fanatics should remember that it is neither food nor an ingredient, just an edible decoration.

To ensure that the glittery treat you are eyeing is not just non-toxic but 100% edible and safe, keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Don’t consume non-toxic glitter as it may contain microplastics that are unsuitable for your health.
  • Read the label carefully before purchasing. If the pack is labelled non-toxic and not edible, it is best not to invest in it.
  • People with gastrointestinal disorders should be careful as they may face issues like indigestion. If you are one of them, consult a nutritionist before having edible glitter.
  • Make sure you buy edible glitter-dusted delicacies only from commercial bakeries, as their bakers and staff strictly follow FDA guidelines.
  • Purchasing glitter-glazed treats from a small-scale bakery? Inquire and get to the bottom of the applied glitter to confirm if it is 100% edible or not.
  • Check all the food safety certifications on the packaging of edible glitter picks before buying.
  • People with breathing problems should be cautious. Since edible glitter is fine-textured and light-weighted, it might cause issues after inhalation.

Must-have Edible Glitter Decoration Tools

As discussed earlier, edible glitter is full of charms. One of its prime charms is its stickiness. However, this stickiness can come in the way of your creativity while decorating. So we thought, why not share some easy-to-use glitter decoration gear to make your creative journey smoother? Bid adios to sticky glitter on your palms and start using these fantastic edible glitter tools to enhance your food aesthetics!

Airbrush Pump

Airbrush Pump

If you are a frequent user of edible glitter, you might be well aware that edible glitter has a mind of its own due to the light-weightedness of its sparkly flakes. Avoid the scatter of glitter all over your body and kitchenware by getting a portable airbrush pump!

How to use it?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned chef, airbrush pump will let you control the pressure of the glitter spray with unparalleled ease.

The usage of edible glitter airbrush pump is pretty simple. Just remove the bottom part of the tool, fill in your glitter, and apply your glitter over frostings, icings, and many other delectable baked surfaces. Your delicacies will start to shimmer in no time!

Cake Decoration Brushes

Cake Decoration Brushes

Although these brushes might seem minor or trivial compared to the previous tool, they are just as efficient for lasting decoration. If you are a meticulous baker who yearns for perfect swirls of colours and glitter, cake decoration brushes are the one for you! These are primarily available in a set of six decoration brushes.

How to use it?

You can use cake decoration brushes just like a typical paint brush for painting. Prepare your edible paste by whisking edible glitter and edible paint in a cup. Choose a decorating brush of your choice, dip it in the mix, and apply it over baked toppings such as fondant, fruits, jellies, and so on. Thanks to the varied thickness of brushes, you can create mesmeric designs and intricate patterns over prepared treats, even if you are a beginner!

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