Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

Whether on the exercise or jogging, sleeping or doing any other activity, if you are looking for lightweight, slim and comfortable fitness tracker then Fitbit Alta HR is an ideal choice. It is quite similar to Fitbit Alta which preceded it but as the name suggests it is advanced with an amazing feature of monitoring heartbeat.

It is one of the sleekest, slim and well-designed trackers, more like a wristwatch.  Be it a matter of watching date and time or counting steps were taken for the whole day, measuring total distance walked or calories burnt throughout the day, current heart rate or measuring all day activity, Fitbit Alta HR provides all in one.

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Fitbit Alta HR Specifications

1. Smart Notifications

Besides this, it also provides its users the aid of getting caller id and text notifications but it would not include any e-mails or social media alerts.

2. Fitbit Alta HR Battery

Fitbit Alta HR crucial feature is its sleek and tiny body with précised LED surrounded with metal edges. It has the ability to swap out bands to dress up the band how you please. The main body is made from high-quality aluminum. Technically does not has a touch display; it has a tap display that allows you to tap through various metrics that it collects throughout the day.

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3. Wear it like a watch

Fitbit Alta HR gets about five days worth of battery life and charges with an included clip styled charger and appear to be exactly the same as for the previous versions. It takes about an hour to get fully charged with two charging pins that connect to the back of the band.

4. Sleep Tracking

It has a pretty accurate feature of tracking sleep stages. It monitors the amount of deep, light sleep and R.E.M (the time when you are dreaming).

Plus points:

  • Advanced with a feature of monitoring heart rate.
  • Adjustable band
  • Sleep tacking with sleep stages.

Minus points:

  • Expensive than the previous versions.
  • No control over tracking exercises.
  • Bad visibility in sunlight.

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This is a slim and pocket-sized fitness tracker designed to track certain exercises (mostly step based) like hiking, walking or jogging and including bike rides too and all of this is done automatically after at least fifteen minutes of exercise. However, if you are weight lifting or skipping rope, it will not keep up with this particular style of exercise. Fitbit Alta HR has looks, feels and performs like a true quality fitness tracker and band.

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