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Getting Started: How to Open a Barbershop

The excitement of opening your barber shop is enough to take anyone to the clouds… or crazy! But calm down: put your feet on the ground and organize your thoughts, wills and financial reality at this important time.

Is opening a barber shop worth it?

Despite the beauty and well-being business being considered a business with a quick return (on average, about 6 months after opening), it takes planning and extreme organization to have the best profit in the first months and, mainly, not to go to bankruptcy!

To open a barber shop, it is not enough to just have the money and the right space. You need to create a personality for your establishment, an impactful name, and of course, find the best way to manage it, even if it is from a distance.

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Now you will see the tips and planning necessary to open your barber shop.

6 steps to open your barber shop

First equipment

The first step to opening your barber shop is to have the basic equipment to start activities:

  • Chairs;
  • mirrors;
  • scissors;
  • Slopes;
  • fasteners;
  • Dryer;
  • Board;
  • And more essential items to serve your audience.

With the basic equipment already purchased, you can make more money while your establishment takes its first legal and structural steps.

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Legalization and regularization within the branch

Do you know the laws that protect your salon or barbershop? Do you know the rules that ANVISA has decreed for the operation of your business?

Hire an accountant and talk frankly about your ideal business vision, the amount available for investment and the time needed for the legal process to be done correctly.

With the legal process already carried out, the property where the barber shop or barbershop will operate must undergo inspections and inspections.

Pay attention to the products purchased and always read the labels and directions for use. And so, protect yourself and your professionals against any eventuality.

Business plan to open a barber shop

The business plan is a project where you have information about your business and forms of action for the growth of your establishment.

The business plan is necessary to monitor the success of your establishment. When setting up yours, point out small, medium and long-term goals and objectives.

How to put together a barber shop business plan?

Here are some tips we’ve put together:

  • #1 – The perfect business plan tells the story of your establishment. In this first stage, the history of the professional and the entrepreneur should be highlighted. Highlight complete details of the establishment.
  • #2 – In the second stage of your business plan, it is necessary to exalt your business: what is the mission, what is the differential and values ​​preached? You can also organize marketing actions based on this topic.
  • #3 – At this stage, you indicate which services and products the establishment will offer customers and determine the target audience and an ideal number of employees for the perfect fulfillment of the services. Therefore, this part of your business plan may be modified at any time.

Location and structure of the barber shop

The structure of your establishment must be well organized and efficient when it comes to driving your customer inside the space. Thus, create a functional, pleasant, relaxing and cozy environment.

The decoration of your establishment cannot be left out and needs to express all personality and identity to the public.

Some procedures take longer than others, so ensuring the comfort and well-being of customers and offering water, coffee, entertainment such as Wi-Fi, TV and magazines are also recommended.

Professionals and trends

The choice of professionals should be based on the type of audience you intend to reach. For example, if your establishment targets young and liberal adults and young people, select these types of professionals.

The salon and client affinity must be unique; this is just one of the secrets to loyalty and guaranteeing clients’ return.

With the team assembled and ready for action, ensure everyone is up to date and on top of trends! After all, how do you intend to reach the public without offering news in the field?

Invest in your professionals for the benefit of your barber shop. Offer all the support necessary for the growth of your establishment!

For more information you should visit business plan consultant.

Disclosure and Marketing

This last tip is essential for the prosperity of your barber shop or barbershop and needs to be followed to ensure the success of your establishment.

Set aside a financial sum for publicizing the business. Flyers, promotions and social media accounts will give you the necessary visibility to attract more customers!

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