How to lock a car door that won't lock

How To Lock A Car Door That Won’t Lock

Are your power locks locking your car when you leave or preventing you from getting into it? You must be aware of what is wrong and take action to stop it. If you’ve ever tried to lock a car door that won’t lock, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s easy to glance at your keys, and the door will immediately close. If you’re looking for the best way to lock a car door that won’t lock, this article is for you. We’ll review the various fixes you can try before you call a professional.

Top Five Reasons For A Broken Car Door Lock

There are five typical causes of a broken car door lock.

1. Dead key FOB

A dead key fob battery is one of the most frequent causes of a malfunctioning automobile door lock. Changing the key fob’s batteries can be the answer if your locks aren’t working. 

2. Faulty FOB

The key fob has a problem: The fob itself can be the culprit if the battery isn’t the issue. A locksmith can connect your key fob to a computer to see the issue if you visit your local auto dealer and confirm that the programming is still of high quality. If the fob isn’t delivering a signal, then you probably need to change it. 

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3. Blown Fuse:

A blown fuse could cause one door not to work while the others do. However, You can resolve this problem by changing the fuse. Moreover, it is a simple and affordable remedy.

4. Faulty Door Solenoid:

Again, if one door doesn’t function but others do, the door lock solenoid may cause the issue. Consequently, you may need to remove the car door panel to replace it.

5. Broken Cable:

If the lock isn’t receiving power, try holding the lock switch up or down while opening and closing the door many times to test the lock’s functionality. If it occasionally works, you most likely have a broken wire.

Top Seven DIY Hacks Of How To Lock A Car Door That Won’t Lock

There can be some simple solutions to the issue if your automobile power locks prevent you from getting in. You can try a few of these. Try these seven remedies if the electric door locks on your automobile won’t operate.

1. Examine The Battery

Check to ensure the key fob’s battery isn’t dead or dying; if you try to unlock and close the car locks with it, nothing happens. Like your car, you need to change the battery of your key periodically. It has a little battery that lasts over a specific period. 

2. Swap Out The Keychain

If that doesn’t fix the issue, your key fob is faulty. A dealer can connect to the computer that manages your keyless entry and verify that the key fob is still configured if you visit them. Therefore, you may need to replace it if the key fob isn’t transmitting a signal. If you looking for the best services with affordable rates for Lockout service in Schiller Park then call a locksmith Professional after some research on google.

3. Try Several Doorways.

Check the other door locks before pulling off a door and altering the wiring when it won’t open. You are likely to have a blown fuse if they don’t function.

4. Think About The Solenoid

The door lock solenoid may be the issue if the other doors usually operate. If so, then your local mechanic will be able to identify the problem. If necessary, he can even remove the automobile door panel, and change the solenoid afterward.

5. Thaw The Lock

Use the auto-lock button while operating the door lock manually up and down (or backward and forwards in newer vehicles) to inspect each lock mechanism. Make sure the key is only turned “on.” If the lock “tries” to move, either a frozen lock mechanism or a defective solenoid may cause the issue. By using a hair dryer to warm the key or the lock mechanism, you can defrost a frozen lock (or the flame from a match or lighter). Other options include a lock de-icer or a battery-operated key that heats up and dissolves the ice.

6. Use Lubricant Spray.

While the lock is still stuck, get a can of multipurpose spray lubricant and use the provided tube to spray it inside the lock mechanism. After around 10 minutes, the lock should be easy to open.

7. Try To Open And Close The Door On The Driver’s Side.

If the door lock doesn’t seem to be receiving power, try opening and closing the door slowly while keeping the door lock switch in the up or down (in newer cars, “locked” or “unlocked”) position to see if the lock tries to work. 

The hinge location likely has a broken or partially broken wire if it does. The wiring will need to be removed, and you or your mechanic must inspect it for breaks or cracks.

Car power locks provide considerable convenience with remote key access and one-button locking and unlocking for all your doors. Although “smart key” technology, a feature that more automobile manufacturers are likely to offer in the future at a higher cost, is not yet taken into consideration, the more mechanisms and electronics that are involved, the higher the probability that something will go wrong.

If any of these issues appear, have one of our qualified mobile mechanics examine your door locking issue. While some problems are minor and can be resolved by a do-it-yourself enthusiast, ensuring the job is done correctly may necessitate the skills of a licensed auto locksmith.