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How to strengthen my grip if there are no muscles in the hand?

There are no hands without muscle. There are a large number of muscles in our hands and those muscles are divided into four categories, such as

  1. Thenar muscles that functionally move the thumb: The fleshy part below the thumb
  2. Hypothenar muscles that functionally move our little finger; Fleshy section around finger 4/5
  3. Interosseous muscles which are responsible for moving fingers towards or away from the mid-line of our palm,
  4. Lubricants basically allow us to bend our fingers at the large knuckle by holding the complete finger straight.

In the human body, there is a total of four thenar muscles in our hands. These muscles follow the opponents’ policy to grip an object. However, the interosseous muscles and lubricants do not give any direct support for your grip. The lubricants have other functions too. They function like the sensory organs and regulate our finger’s movements which indirectly perceived us to adjust our grip.

A strong grip consists of main four different components, which are listed below:

  • The opposite side of your thumb
  • The half-circle of the palm
  • Flexion of fingers
  • Flexion of the wrist, very essential but in most the cases it is ignored

Now the next question is How do you strengthen your weak grip?

In the next phase of this article, we’ll discuss some grip strengthening exercises to strengthen your weak grip.

Let’s jump into the exercise routine…

Putty Grip and Squeeze Exercise

Basically, this exercise is performed using a squeeze ball, but initially, you can do it with the Putty because you can squeeze it with your palm, but a foam ball basically inhibits the finger movements, and strengthen your fingers with a restricted range of motion, also you can’t manipulate the ball, but it is possible with putty, which in turns improve dexterity and make coordination between thumb and fingers.

Just hold the putty with your hand then squeeze through your palm, here fingertips should be touched to the palm, then relax your palm and gradually manipulate the putty, and prepare it to smash again. Do it for 2-3 minutes with 20 times reps. 

Thumb Pinch Strengthening Exercise:

It is another effective forearm strengthening exercise to improve your weak thumb condition. Our thumb is a very important part of our thumb, but we often forget to condition it. If your thumb doesn’t possess enough strength, you won’t be able to unlead a tight bottle or jar.

Use putty to make your thumb strong. Just roll it out in a hot dog shape with 1-2inches thick, then involve your index finger and thumb, pinch the putty to lengthen the pre-existing shape of putty.

Do this up to 10-20 times with both of your hands to make both thumbs stronger

Isometric Hooks Exercise

Here you don’t require any equipment for this isometric exercise. Just your hands are enough. Isometric exercise is when you contract your muscle without movement. You can use the optimum voluntary contraction. For this type of exercise, make a tight fist, then do a clasp with both a clasp at your chest. Here one hand should remain to palm up, and another should be palm down.

After making a strong clasp with both hands, push back your arms toward an outward position with maintaining the hook dist. Hold this posture for 5 seconds, then release. Repeat this 10-20 times with each hand. Isometric exercise is not only good for your hands but also suitable for the whole upper body.

Rubber Band Abduction Exercise

Place the rubber around four fingers avoiding your thumb. Now stretch your fingers apart as much as possible, hold it for five seconds then release. Do it 10-20 times. The exercise is very good for intrinsic grip strengthening as it hits the muscles of our hand which remain between both of our fingers. If you do this perfectly, you’ll observe a plump up near your index finger. If you do not have a tight rubber band, you can do this with putty as well by making a loop around your fingers.

Rubber Band “C” Exercise

Set the rubber band around all four fingers along with the thumb. Hold them all together. Open your thumb to make a “C” structure. Hold this position for a minimum of 5 seconds then release. Do this 10-20 times.

All these exercises are very good for your overall hand health. This kind of exercise will take care of your whole arms, including finger joints, wrist, and thumb, and then gradually improve your holding capacity as well.

Now you may ask why do we need to perform hand strengthening exercises regularly?

The answer is here…

As our hands perform a lot of activities consciously and unconsciously, it is very important to keep them healthy and strong, and also prevent them from getting weaker due to the ageing process.

Hand strengthening exercises develop grip and pinch strength, decrease joint stiffness and mobility, and increase the range of motion of your hands. Apart from that science proved that grip strengthening stretching has an immense influence on our nerves. It advances dexterity and fine motor coordination and also alleviates the chance of hand injuries. The above-mentioned exercises are no-equipment exercises. These are both for common people and sportspersons as well. But aesthetics can strengthen their grip with the best hand grip strengthener available offline and online.

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