How to write an Instagram bio in six steps

Adding a bio to your Instagram account is an essential step. Viewers are likely to see it first on your profile page when they visit your brand page. And your bio should tell them a lot about your brand. You get the chance to increase brand love by writing an engaging bio.

Whenever you visit an Instagram profile for the first time, you will probably check out the profile picture (or logo) first. After that, you look at the highlighted Instagram name section on the right. In the end, you will find the Instagram bio under that name and a link in the bio.

The information that you can glean from the bio in just a few seconds can allow you to quickly and efficiently decide if the brand is worth following or not.

Make the first impression on Instagram using these six steps, and even drive traffic back to your website.

What is an Instagram bio?

A company’s Instagram bio is its first impression on a potential customer. A good profile page conveys business information and the brand’s positioning. It helps transform profile visitors into future customers by encouraging them to follow you across the platform and become subscribers.

The bio at the heart of your profile is the first thing people will see when they view your profile. Writing creative Instagram bios that attract Active Instagram followers Uk takes time and effort due to the 150-character limit and one website link.

Then, there are certain elements that you can use to convince your visitors that your company is worth following, which will help you gain more customers.

A six-step guide to writing an Instagram bio

The Instagram bio is the first thing visitors view when browsing on Instagram. A recognizable logo draws people towards your brand and makes it more appealing.

You should be aware of a few ideas in your head before creating an Instagram bio. It’s an important goal to build a strong first impression here, so don’t squander it. It is essential to be professional, but you should also be exciting and unique at the same time.

●    Start With A Photo & Username

Your brand identity must have a username that is visible to most people. Your username must identify who you are. You should try to keep your social media profiles consistent across your accounts.

The name should be the same.  There should be no difference in the podcasts, courses, or brand photos.  The URL to the business must remain the same. Alternatively, your business brand can be a better choice.  Instead of using your name as a social media handle, choose a business name.

●    Write The Instagram Bio Description

My favorite to write is this one. You must have an exciting and well-developed brand story. If you are looking for your company to grow well, you should keep the bio description natural. You should write a description that reflects your overall brand and profile.

You should remove any spaces from your Instagram bio before and after each sentence; you would like to place a line break around; once you have done that, press return. (For those with Apple devices, your keyboard’s number button is the return option!) To move on to the following sentence, simply tap the number button.

Emojis, slashes, and periods can create complete line breaks between sentences. It might even be advantageous for you to use words and phrases with relevant emojis to create visual interest for your Real Instagram Followers Uk and provide a refreshed visual during their viewing experience.

●    Include Emojis

Adding some personality to your bio is easy with emojis since you only have 150 characters. Using them may also help draw attention to particular parts of your bio, such as your website or email address. You should remember to be cautious about overusing them, which can result in a messy appearance.

●    Make use of line breaks.

Adding line breaks to your bio can make it look more polished and break up large chunks of text. Then, type “.” accompanied by entering/returning on your keypad to create a line break on Instagram.  You won’t be able to view the remaining lines unless you click the “more” link if you use more than four line breaks.

●    Include a link

In any business profile on Instagram, only one link can be added. Reinforcing your brand’s image through this method can be very effective. The most appropriate way to promote your Instagram account is through a lead magnet, or you can create a page on your website that contains multiple links.

●    Don’t forget to use a CTA.

It is vital to add a CTA in your bio. The objective of this paragraph is to tell people what you want them to do. There are simple things you can say like, ” Take a look at what I’ve posted lately,” ” take my checklist,” ” join the waiting list for my course,” etc. Make sure to provide a message that provokes a response from the audience.

A few tips you should follow:

  1. Keep it sweet and simple
  2. Don’t use too many abbreviations
  3. Use caps sparingly
  4. You can only display four lines without hitting “more” if you go over four


In addition to enhancing your Instagram page, the Instagram bio will help you achieve your professional goals. When you want to increase audience and sales, include CTAs so visitors can take specific actions.

The opportunity to promote your brand should never be missed. Being memorable is one of the utmost vital features of a bio. In conclusion, this guide will assist you to write your Instagram bio in simple six steps. Use the steps to create an impressive bio and engage viewers with your business.