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If you remember, in October 2018, Huawei introduced the Mate 20 series, which, in addition to the interior memory, approves you to deploy nano SD reminiscence playing cards. The well known is new and created with the aid of the aforementioned smartphone maker, and the reminiscence cards themselves resemble SIM nano-size cards. Other smartphones, these cards are not but supported. Moreover, the Huawei P20 or Huawei Mate 10 do now not support the growth of reminiscence at all, even micro SD cards. Other manufacturers have no longer but launched similar reminiscence cards, so Huawei was once the first, and she is on a horse.

Where to buy Huawei nano SD

But here, let’s say that you grew to be the owner of Huawei Mate 20 Pro and determined to buy such a card. Where to buy it? So far, solely in the official online save Huawei ( ), but they have a very good sized cost in contrast to cheaper micro SD. At the time of writing the material, for a card with a ability of 128 GB is proposed to pay 5990 rubles. And the flash reminiscence itself is not even the high-speed structure UFS 2.0, but only eMMC 4.5. Interestingly the girls are dancing. Considering the as an alternative massive price, we determined to google where you can discover the same nano SD cards, but cheaper. And here is where: on our favourite AliExpress’e for 128 GB, 4642 rubles are already asked, and for 64 GB – 2593 rubles.

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Huawei nano SD Specifications

So, we decided to check how this card will work in Huawei Mate 20 Pro ? What is her speed performance? Is it possible to podshamanit something with micro SD? As regards the latter, let us say at once – no, it is not possible Cut the micro SD as a SIM card will not work. The electrical format of the nano SD card resembles a SIM card chip, so the contacts on it are identical. On micro SD wiring is different, and therefore circumcision will not lead to anything. The nano SD slot is positioned on the backside of the Mate 20 Pro. The benchmark shows very right results: 71 MB / s when studying (90 MB / s is stated) and 70 MB / s when writing, which is relatively good.

Huawei nano sd Features

Now the severity of the price tag, which put Huawei, becomes reasonable. If you do not have sufficient memory, Huawei nano SD is an effective ample thing that harmoniously enhances the equally powerful Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone. You can easily document movies on such a card in 4K / UHD resolution and not worry about buffer overflow. That’s cool. To get to the records recorded on the “nano-card” through your domestic PC, you will need to buy a card reader (about 149 Dollars on AliExpress, for example). Or you can virtually use your Huawei smartphone as a card reader, which is linked to a pc or laptop by an ordinary USB cable.

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