Imported Oreo Biscuit Flavours You Might Not Have Tasted Yet

It is no more a secret that Oreo cookies are our favourites. Though some flavours are easy to find in the local stores and markets, we might be missing out on some imported oreo. Thanks to the online stores delivering foreign brands, we are able to buy them. This post also guides you to create some interesting and quick Oreo recipes. We are sure you would love to try them as well.

The cookies filled with chocolate and cream are ideal for munching anytime. Also, Oreos biscuits are great with a cup of tea or coffee or to kill the pangs of hunger at an inopportune time. We are sure you would love to try these interesting Oreos. Right from the time of its inception in India, Oreo has won the hearts of millions of kids and adults. You may also buy delicious Lotus Biscoff cookies, Pocky Sticks, and Hello Panda cookies online in India.

Awesome Oreo Flavours | Ultimate Chocolate Cookies

Here are some awesome Oreos you can order online from Snackzack. The store makes it super easy to get the cookies delivered. The desired biscuits are delivered across abundant cities of India.

  1. Oreo Original

Oreo Original 154 gm. is the most popular oreo in India. Two chocolate cookies sandwiching a layer of white cream is a feast for any child in India. The cookies are explored in a gigantic way by involving them in hundreds of shakes and desserts.

  1. Oreo Strawberry

Oreo Strawberry comes with a layer of lavish strawberry and vanilla cream between two biscuits. You cannot expect anything more than these mini-sized cookies for your snacking time.

  1. Oreo Biscuits Roll Ice Cream

Oreo Biscuits Roll Ice Cream offers you the most mouth-watering taste of ice cream. This indeed makes a delicious blend. The vanilla flavour is layered between the two Oreos.

  1. Cadbury Oreo Blueberry Ice Cream

Your usual chocolaty Oreos are sandwiching a layer of blueberry ice cream flavour. And we bet that the temptation is no less than that of real blueberry ice cream. Order it with a few clicks on your mobile or laptop to enjoy with your cups of milk or tea or coffee.

  1. Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Creme Biscuit

A combination of creamy chocolate and crunchy cookies makes a perfect blend. That is what Cadbury Oreo chocolate creme offers. No worries if you are not getting these Oreo flavors in your nearest store. Ordering it online just takes a few minutes.

  1. Oreo Double Stuf Creme Biscuits

Oreo Double Stuf Creme biscuits bring everything in double amounts including fun. The cookies are sandwiching an extra layer of vanilla cream. Now you can share more and enjoy more Oreos.

If you are a cookie fan and love to try some unusual flavours, there are many online stores. They deliver imported snacks and chocolate to your doors. Chocolates are the best desserts to gift today. Combining them with chocolaty cookies like Oreo will surely increase the fun for the receiver.

Awesome Super Quick & Super Simple Oreo Recipes

Yes, of course, Oreos are basically to twist, lick, and dunk. But there is a lot more you can do with this favourite cookie. Here are some super quick recipes that involve Oreo cookies.

  1. Oreo Cake

Making a cake out of biscuits is a popular and quick way to bake cakes. All you need to do is grind the cookies and create a batter. Add basic cake ingredients – milk, sugar and baking soda, and vanilla flavour if you wish to the batter. Bake it and enjoy your yummy Oreo cake.

  1. Oreo Vanilla Milkshake

If your kids love milkshakes, why not prepare an Oreo milkshake with vanilla ice cream? This will make a perfect dessert for summer vacation. Blend a few oreo biscuits and sugar with a glass of milk in a blender or mixer. Pour it into a glass and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and there you are!

  1. Oreo Cold Coffee

Coffee lovers can satiate their craving for a chilled beverage in scorching summer. Mix coffee powder, sugar, oreo cookies, and milk in a blender or mixer. Serve it chilled for a great coffee break any time you wish. Shake it well before enjoying it.

  1. Oreo Cookies & Cream With Cadbury Gems

If you are okay with creamy dreamy desserts, here is the one that involves oreo. Get a pack of biscuits, Cadbury gems, and keep the whipped cream ready. Place the oreo cookies and top them with a swirl of whipped cream. Press the pointed part of the whipped cream gently. Top them with Cadbury gems. Use a pastry bag for topping the biscuits with whipped cream.

Why Oreos Are Loved By Everyone

Oreos were already a worldwide popular brand before entering the Indian markets. As expected, they became everyone’s favourite. They are the perfect treat to relish with morning breakfast or for any snacky time. Biscuits are already loved in India. Parle G, Priya Gold, and Britannia are already ruling our palates and hearts.

Oreos were already the international face of the cookies. Its great taste and texture soon became popular, especially among the kids. Their glorious history and engaging campaigns add to their popularity. Oreo is also a biscuit that is involved in multitudes of recipes like cakes, Brownies, fudge, and milkshakes. You will come across dozens of Oreo recipes while browsing. Many of them require lots of time and some of them are super simple.

You may buy all imported Oreos online in India from leading stores to elevate your Oreo moments. Though Oreos today are available at every retail store in India, some flavours are still not available. But you can get them from leading online stores delivering foreign chocolates, biscuits, and chips in India. Snackzack delivers exceptional brands and variations across several states and cities in India. Give a treat to your family or send a gift of amazing chocolates, chips, and cookies to your dear ones. You will find the top brands of the world including Cadbury’s, Hershey’s, Toblerone, Lindt, Godiva, and more.

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