iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaner

IRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaner

IRobot Roomba 880 is a modern model of cleaner that has been introduced as an improvement on its previous design. IRobot Roomba Cleaner is scheduled to clean your home at all times of the day. It gets charged itself if its battery is low or runs out. It is easy and simple to setup and schedule. IRobot Roomba 880 Cleaner uses the latest and modern technology i-e Virtual lighthouse that helps in blocking the areas you don’t want to clean at that time.

Overall, Roomba 880 is one of the most efficient and durable vacuum cleaner available in the market that performs thorough cleaning as well as inspection of rooms. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is an expensive investment and we provide you with all the specifications and features that help you in deciding whether IRobot Roomba 880 is the vacuum cleaner you require or not.

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iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaner Features

  1. Performance

IRobot Roomba 880 eats up everything from a piece of breadcrumb to litter of cat. It goes from one room to another, on the rug and under the couch as well. Roomba 880 appears to be working great at hard flooring but not so well on the carpet when compared to predecessors. After the house is cleaned completely, it goes back to the dock to charge.

  1. Convenience

IRobot Roomba is simple to assemble; also scheduling the settings is a piece of cake.  However, disassembling, cleaning and maintaining the vacuum cleaner may feel difficult and time-consuming at times. You could easily check through the display in-case IRobot Roomba needs a charge or gets into any error.

  1. Handling

Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaner weighs about 8 to 9 pounds and it is easy to move from one place to other. It contains brushes that spin and moves dirt and debris in-front of Roomba so it can suck it up easily and move it to its dustbin.

  1. Design  

Roomba 880 Cleaner is set using a remote control that helps remove the need to touch its body. Its remote control directs Roomba in any direction needed to clean. Roomba 880 comes with an extended feature called virtual lighthouse which appears like a wall between the area you want to clean and the area you don’t want to clean yet.

  1. Warranty

Roomba 880 Vacuum comes with a full year warranty that covers any kind of replacement if the product is found defective. Getting support for usage and any error is also made easy by manufacturers. Roomba customer services are available every time whether you contact them by email or phone. Help about units, installation is also available on their website.

  1. Setup

IRobot Roomba has a power button on top. Additionally, it contains four control buttons. The LED display on IRobot Roomba displays time at all times of day in bright letters. The setup of IRobot Roomba is quite easy with the docking station that helps to place it close to a wall.

  1. Modes

IRobot Roomba 880 cleaner comes in different modes; clean mode cleans each part of the house without exception of leaving any area un-cleaned. When the Spiral mode is turned on, Roomba cleans in a spiral of one diameter around the area the Roomba is placed.

  1. Cleaning

When Roomba placed on cleaning, it is constantly looking for dirt and debris for cleaning that proves to be quite effective. IRobot Roomba goes back to places it has cleaned before again which removes any chance of dirt left in any area.

  1. Scheduling

Programming the schedule of IRobot Roomba is relatively simple and easy. You set in your selected day and time and it works as a charm every time. Roomba will start cleaning at the exact same time and return back to dock after completed, the bin is full or in case it needs to charge.

  1. Battery

IRobot Roomba 880 comes with great battery timing and is able to clean full house without running out of battery. It also spends at least half an hour to clean a single room.

  1. Maintenance

The bin, as well as air filters, require regular cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to clean all the parts of IRobot Roomba 880 once a week.

  1. Price

The price of IRobot Roomba 880 cleaner is $650.


IRobot Roomba 880 is many steps ahead in quality compared to the average vacuum cleaner; however, it costs double in price. From pieces of breadcrumbs to pet hairs, IRobot cleaner takes care of everything. If you want to get rid of needing to worry about cleaning your home, IRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaner is what you need. IRobot Roomba cleaner does not require much maintenance and cleaning. Easy to assemble and self-charging IRobot Roomba 880 is the best available cleaner in the market.

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