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IT Certifications – A Complete Beginner Guide

Information technology is a very dynamic and constantly changing field. As the industry develops, the skills needed for strong employees are developed. Alongside these new technologies, it is important to continue education regularly in order to remain competitive. The best way to do this is to get an IT certificate. Top IT certifications in demand today can provide many benefits throughout your career, especially if you are looking for a new job or competing for a promotion. But how do you know where to start using all the options currently available? We’ve put together a list of the most important and top IT certifications 2020, as well as a complete IT certification guide to help you get started on this journey.

What is an IT certificate?

An IT certificate is a term that indicates specific competence in a particular field of technology. IT certifications are usually obtained through an assessment, training or review course and prove that you have met the stringent standards set by the governing body. It covers many topics, including infrastructure, cybersecurity and development, some of which can be mentioned.

Why should I take IT certifications?

According to CompTIA, the largest vendor-neutral certification group, 91% of employers believe that IT certifications play a major role in the hiring process, and IT certifications online are a credible indicator of successful employee.

In fact, according to another study, 98% of HR professionals use certificates to validate a candidate’s knowledge and experience of the subject, while 97% use them to distinguish between equally qualified candidates.

While it is clear that getting a job is the first step in this process, and IT certification has huge benefits. You may visit to 10 benefits of professional certification in IT for You and Your Career.

Stay on topic

Continuing education is important in any sector, but it is also important in areas such as technology. IT certifications help professionals stay relevant in their specialty by forcing you to attend conferences, attend webinars, attend classes, or write publications that share your experiences on the subject.

Improve your skills

Whether you’re looking for a whole new job or moving forward with a promotion, many people apply for a job that allows them to grow, usually by hiring without the skills they need. Obtaining an IT certificate through classes and online

The training modules provide the skills needed to achieve career goals. This knowledge can be used immediately at work and provides immediate benefits.

Invest in yourself

New knowledge and education are not in vain. With a degree, your employer (current or future) not only shows that you are an investor in your career, but also proves that you are lifelong and never want to stop improving. Obtaining an IT certificate only increases your knowledge and you can move in another direction that you are excited about.

IT Certifications

What are the most important IT certifications?

Global Knowledge has recently published 15 certifications in the most profitable IT industry for 2019, based on IT research results and 2019 payroll reports, these current philosophical and technical changes affecting IT departments in the United States Discover trends that now focus on cloud computing and management. Business and cybersecurity and networks.

Google Cloud Professional Certified Engineer – $ 139,529

This certification allows IT professionals to be certified as cloud engineers on the Google Cloud Platform. Demonstrates the ability to design, develop, and manage secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure using GCP technologies.

Although there are no questions about the specific use of the product, the test applicant requires that he understand the solutions that work best in different scenarios. Validation tests must be performed in person at the Kryterion Test Center.

PMP® – Project Management Professional – $ 135,798

Established and managed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), PMP is considered to be the industry’s most recognized certificate for project managers. This certification ensures that the owner has knowledge of both the material and field experience to effectively identify, plan and implement their projects.

Full PMP certification requires project management experience in addition to taking the exam. Individuals with 4,500 hours of project management experience must have 35 hours of PMP training related to the project. To receive the certificate, you must apply on the PMI website, and once your application has been approved, you can take the exam using Promotional. 60 professional development units are required every three years to maintain PMP certification.

Certified ScrumMaster® – USD 135,441

Created and managed by the Scrum Alliance, obtaining the ScrumMaster certification proves that you have a proficient understanding of how Agile Scrum works, as well as practice. Typically, a certified Screammaster team will lead the team and help it master the Scream Framework while doing their best. Obtaining this certificate gives you two years of membership in the Scrum Alliance.

To obtain this certificate, you must attend an approved two-day Screammaster® workshop course and pass the maximum level test. The certificate is valid for two years from the date of the original certificate and requires 40 SCREAM training units for renewal.

AWS Certified Solution Engineer – Associate – $ 132,840

The AWS Certified Engineer Associate Level Test demonstrates a person’s experience in developing and deploying scalable systems for AWS. As more and more skilled and certified AWS solution engineers enter the market as the cloud continues to grow, the professional certification will also be needed.

To obtain the certificate, you must first have at least six months of AWS work experience. The exam itself is computerized and is awarded by PSI testing centers. It covers many topics, including selecting the appropriate AWS service for the scenario shown, AW design, and cost. This is an essential step to obtain AWS certified solution engineers – professional certification.

IT Certifications

Certified AWS Developer – Associate – $ 130,369

AWS Certified Developer – The Associate Certificate validates technical expertise in the development and maintenance of AWS applications,; and effectively uses the AWS SDK to interact with application services and write code that improves the performance of AWS applications.

To obtain the certificate, you must first have at least six months of work experience with AWS plus one or more programming languages. The exam itself is computerized and is awarded by PSI testing centers. It covers a wide variety of materials, including encryption protection for using AWS services, using the SDK, selecting a service for your situation, and creating an icon that improves application performance.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Specialist: Core Infrastructure – $ 121,288

This certificate certifies that you have the skills to manage a modern, highly efficient data center, identity management, system management, virtualization, storage, and networking. MCSE: Basic Infrastructure certification prepares you for jobs such as administrator, architect, computer support specialist, and information security analyst.

To obtain this certification, you must first obtain an MCSA certificate in Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012. Once completed, you will need to undergo specific tests, which you must be able to identify appropriate infrastructure and platform solutions to meet operational requirements. And the necessary operations throughout the solution life cycle.

ITIL® Fund – USD 120,566

ITIL is an ITIL Junior certificate and provides a comprehensive understanding of the IT service lifecycle. The latest release of ITIL 4 was released this year and offers new ways to work, such as DevOps, Agile and Lean IT.

To get a certificate, you just need to pass an exam; There are no other requirements for the basic exam. However, this is a prerequisite for taking ITI intermediate courses.

CISM – Certified Information Security Manager – USD 118,412

ISACA has developed and maintains a CISM certificate for professionals who manage enterprise IT security. This certification requires at least five years of practical experience in the field of information security and at least three years as a security director.

The exam itself is computerized and is offered every year through special test windows. Continuing education credits are required each year to maintain the degree.

IT Certifications

CRISC – certificate in risk control and information systems – 117 395 USD

ISACA also implements and manages this certificate, which focuses on competence in risk management. CRISC certification demonstrates that professionals have the ability to help organizations understand their business risks in addition to developing, implementing, and maintaining information system management.

To obtain a CRISC certificate, you must have at least three years of experience in two of the four areas of the certificate. The test is offered only in certain test windows each year and is computerized. CPE credits are required each year to maintain the degree.

CISSP – certified information systems security professional – 116,900 USD

CISSP as a vendor-neutral accreditation was awarded by the International Information Systems Security Certification Association (ISC),. It is designed to demonstrate security competencies and is one of the most important certifications in cyberspace. Testing covers a variety of areas, including security and risk management, communications and network security. It also includes software development security, asset protection, security engineering and engineering, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, and security operations.

To obtain this certificate, you must have full-time and paid experience in at least two of the eight CISSP domains. The test is given at the Pearson View Test Center. To maintain accreditation, the CISSP must receive a continuing professional education (CPE) credit each year.

CEH – certified ethical hacker – 116 306 USD

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) developed and administered a validated certificate of ethical entrance. The aim at demonstrating an ethical intrusion method that could be used in penetration tests.

Passing the CEH test is the only step required to obtain a certificate. The test is designed to test the candidate’s ability to detect vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the security of the corporate network using commonly used methods and techniques. It covers topics such as analysis, evaluation, security, tools and programs used, procedures, methodology, rules, policies and ethics. The CEH certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed by earning 120 credit hours of continuing education over three years.

Citrix Certified Assistant – Virtualization (CCA-V) – $ 113,442

Citrix Certified Associate – Explains the basics of entry-level virtualization certification Management, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting. To obtain the certificate, you must pass practical experience and an exam.

Security CompTIA + – 110 321 USD

CompTIA Security + is a mid-level certificate that demonstrates learning security topics. These topics are  data, applications, hosts, networks, and physical and operational security.

The ideal security + candidate has at least two years of IT management experience. The candidate has experience to focus on security and day-to-day IT security experience.

CompTIA + Network – $ 107,143

CompTIA Network + focuses on basic networking skills. Like the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of networks and protocols on both LAN and WAN.

Passing this test proves that you have knowledge of network infrastructure and network protocols. CompTIA IT Basic Certification and CompTIA A + Certification are prerequisites for this certification.

Cisco Certified Network Routing (CCNP) Routing and Switching – $ 106,957

Cisco Certified Network Routing (CCNP) is an advanced certification that provides network engineers and administrators with the skills to plan, deploy, validate, and troubleshoot local and global enterprise networks. It also shows that these professionals are able to work closely with experts.

To obtain this certificate, you must have minimal networking experience and the ability to work independently on complex network solutions. There are three tests in total – one for routing, one for switching and the other for troubleshooting.

How to earn an IT certification?

The first step in obtaining a certificate is to choose the right certificate for you. The CompTIA IT Certification Guide identifies certifications – CompTIA and others – that are relevant to career paths. Therefore, if you work in the field of information security and want to achieve your career, then you can know the certificates that can help you reach intermediate, advanced or specialist level.

You will also want to choose a certificate that indicates your level of competency. Some certificates are designed to help people with IT jobs, while others are for people who have had for many years

There is experience in this field. You do not want to take an exam beyond your ability, and you cannot pass it.

Once you’ve chosen the degree you want to earn, it’s time to prepare.

  1. Learn all about the certification process – for example, where and how you will check how much it will cost, how to register and what the prerequisites are and whether you will need any special equipment or facilities.
  2. Select a training option. Will you study in the classroom, use an independent e-learning tool or learn on your own? Choose the option that works best for you based on your learning style and schedule.
  3. Be informed about the exam by downloading the official exam objectives and sample questions and reading what other IT professionals have to say about the exam.
  4. Register and pay for the exams and mark the calendar! Give yourself enough time to study so that you can safely enter and prove the exam.


Obtaining an IT certificate can test your skills for employers and help you stay abreast of the latest developments in your field. Whether you are a new IT professional or an experienced veteran, you have access to certifications.

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