Jabra Elite Active 65t


Listening music with Jabra Elite Active 65t headphone while playing games

Headphones market is facing neck to neck competition among top notch companies. Several types of headphones are available in the market. Each of these headsets contains specific features and prices. To buy the best headphone in the tough competition is a difficult task especially when you unaware of different types and features of headphone devices. You need a headphone that perfectly meets all your preferences. Here we can help you a little bit, Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds are the ideal headphone for sports loving people.

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Features of Jabra Elite Active 65t

  1. Designed for sport loving people – This phone is perfectly designed to meet your purpose for exercising and sports. You can enjoy your favorite songs while playing games. Many spots loving people are always in search of a correct set of headphone but they fail to buy the best Bluetooth earbuds. The Jabra elite active 56t headphone is the ideal choice.
  2. Truly wireless – 3rd generation true wireless stable headphone. You can listen to call and favorite music without worrying about any dropouts.
  3. Perfect quality of voice call – The unique built-in feature of 04 microphone technology offers the perfect quality of voice and reduce noise in calls and listening music. You can experience clear and effective voice quality. Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless earphone helps to block out the outside noise to ensure the clear sound. Offer better noise isolation.
  4. A long battery timing – A long battery timing makes this headphone is the perfect choice for everyone. You can use Jabra Elite Active 65t earbud any time in all the day and listen whatever you want. By using pocket-friendly charging case you can enjoy enhancing battery timing up to 15 hours.
  5. Customized fitting –Stay secured in ears. It secures fitting design enhance in-ear stability and you can enjoy music, sports, and calls for a long time. Jabra Elite Active 65t Bluetooth headphone offers customized fitting to their users. Anyone can easily use this headphone while performing any kind of activity.
  6. Maximize your workouts – You can easily track fitness and maximize workouts with an integrated motion sensor.
  7. Personalized musicJabra Elite Active 65t holds a customizable equalizer. By utilizing this you easily personalize your music.
  8. One-touch connection- The Jabra Elite headphone provides an instant connection with Alexa, Siri, and Google. It means you can get them any information instantly- Jabra Elite Active 65t headphone helps you to set appointments, finding events or you can read back message any time.
  9. Warranty – For complete peace of mind 2 years parts and labors warranty are offered by manufacturing.
  10. Price – The Jabra Elite Active 65t is being offered at $189.99.
  11. Free shipping facility – You can get this product at your doorstep free of cost.

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 Good Feature

The Jabra Active Elite 65t is a truly wireless earphone that fit comfortably and offers the high-quality sound and music. A clear and noise proof voice while making calls and listening to music. The excellent 5 hours battery timing is decent. The two extra charges are also packed in the charging case. A charger quickly & fully charges the battery within 15 minutes.

Bad feature – The noise isolating feature some time not work well.

Conclusion – The Jabra Active Elite 65t truly wireless headphone is ideal earphone. It is the best alternative to Apple’s AirPods and easily available at the competitive price.

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