JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker

JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker

A decent Bluetooth speaker must have in gadgets while on travel or holiday as well in-house party. One could share playlist over Bluetooth. It boosts to never skip a beat of sound while being affordable at the same time. It comes in different colors and vibrant designs. One could also take it to swim or don’t need to worry about it when it rains as it is a waterproof speaker.

JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker

JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker Design

This speaker has a compact design though not very unique. JBL Flip 4, also comfortable to be used outdoors and handle carelessly. They come in six vibrant colors. The covering fabric makes them dirt resistant. There are traditional play/ pause and volume control on this Bluetooth speaker. LED display lets you know without checking when speaker runs out on battery. A cord lets you hang the speakers anywhere in the house or outdoors.

JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker Specifications

JBL Flip 4 has Bluetooth frequency range 24.02 to 24.08 GHz. This Bluetooth speaker weighs about 515kg. JBL Flip 4 has a micro USB cable and a safety sheet too. Elastic band holds the speaker in place and secures its interior. With JBL Connect +, you could connect up to a hundred speakers at one time. Organizing cables as well as the charger is easy using the lid of the case. The radiators on JBL Flip 4 are linked instead of being on either side, which is a great relief.


Taking half points in the design category, JBL Flip 4 hits the right spot when it comes to performance. Voice assistant lets you connect to Siri and Google. Multiple speakers could be synced to JBL Flip 4 at the same time and switch them to play songs from all. If you need to a call, you could also do it through the speaker. The speaker cancels the echo and noise for clear calls as well. JBL Flip 4 also connects to speakers wirelessly through the phone.


JBL Flip 4 hasdeeper, powerful bass that could actually feel. Though it is not as refine and crisp as some other speakers. Overall a great speaker provides the different level of volume settings. This portable speaker comes along with strong stereo sound and durable quality.


JBL Flip 4 has a 3000mAh lithium-ion battery. This speaker also comes in high audio 12 hours playtime. Its battery has a charge time of about 3.5 hours.


JBL Flip 4 is a go-to speaker for outdoor use due to its compact and rough interior. It is designed to be friendly in every weather condition, thanks to its water resistance quality. Connecting different devices together is a dream come true with JBL Flip 4. This is relatively cheaper in comparison to Bluetooth speakers while providing almost the same quality, bass as well as sound system.

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