How to Repair Corrupt Outlook Data File

Know How to Repair Corrupt Outlook Data File Safely

If you want to learn how to repair corrupt Outlook data file, then welcome to the final stop. Here, you can get the entire solution both manually & automatically. We receive tons of user queries regarding the same issue & what we have discovered is that users don’t have the proper knowledge. To fill this gap, we’ve conducted research & based on the results, we’re here with the outcomes.

First, we’ll start with the manual method & then its limitations. After that, we’ll move forward toward the automatic solution & its capabilities that reduce users’ workload in a very smart manner. We are hoping that by the end of this article, you can easily execute the task on your own with utmost accuracy & perfection. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start repairing our corrupt Outlook PST data files.

How to Fix Damaged Outlook PST File Using the Manual Solution (ScanPST)

The manual method includes the usage of the ScanPST Exe file. This software is in your Outlook files on the system & is meant to solve this issue. However, there is some confusion among users about the right location of this file in their system.

This is because the location of this file varies with the version of Outlook installed on the system of users. That is why below is the list of folder paths of each version of Outlook. From here, you can find this file & carry on with your task easily.

Outlook 2007

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Outlook 2010

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • C:\Program Files (86)\Microsoft Office\Office14 (Windows-10 64 Bit)

Outlook 2013

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

Outlook 2016

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16

Outlook 2019

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office 16

You can find your file as per the location stated above. Once you find your file, double click on it to open. Then follow the steps mentioned below to start the procedure.

Step-1. Click Browse Button >> Add PST Files.

Step-2. Click the start button to start the file scan.

Step-3. Click on the Repair button to repair corrupted files.

Step-4. At last, Click on the OK button to finish.

Drawbacks in Learning How to Repair Corrupt Outlook Data File Manually

When we talk about the shortcomings of the manual method, we can say that the most pinching element is that it is not a full-proof solution. There are various loopholes that users get annoyed with. There are four major drawbacks of the manual method we are going to discuss.

Repair Only Minor Level Corruption
The first thing that makes this solution incomplete is that the manual solution repair files with only a minor level of corruption. Whenever there’s a major corruption, this method won’t work & users have to go for an alternative.

Does Not Maintains Headers of PST
This method does not maintain the headers of PST files. This makes the identification of files quite complex for the end-user. The other available modern solution offers this feature but here users won’t get this facility.

Size Limitation of Repair Only 2 GB
Another issue that users suffer with is the size limitation. Users can not repair a file of more than 2GB in size. Also, users can not run two projects simultaneously. This makes the operation slow & time taking.

Get Stuck In Between the Operation
Even if your files are less two 2GB but more than 1.9 GB, the software gets stuck in between. It fails to process the data & delays even more in getting the results. This also disturbs users worldwide.

Let’s Get to Know the Most Trustworthy Solution -2022

After understanding the flaws present in the manual method, users need to know the best alternative solution. A solution that can counter all such issues & makes users’ experience smooth is here. Opting for the modern approach (Automated Method). This simply solves all the problems that a user experiences with ease.

Download the Best Rated Microsoft Outlook PST Repair Tool to solve all your issues with this task. This specialized solution is dedicatedly developed for this task by the IT experts in this industry with years of experience.

Follow the steps stated below after downloading the advanced tool to learn how to repair corrupt Outlook data file.

Step-1. Launch the Tool on your machine to begin the task.

Step-2. Now, Search for the Corrupted Data Files by any of these two options.

Step-3. Once your data get scanned, the corrupted files will be shown in Red color.

Step-4. Select required files >> Set Resultant File Format >> Set Destination Path.

tep-5. Set Date Filters to repair only the selective files from a specific date range.

Step-6. Click on the Export button.

What Makes the Modern Approach Unique & Practical

The reason for opting for the modern approach is because of the various features that come with the automated tool. These features provide users with unexceptional benefits that the manual method is unable to copy.

  • The software removes all levels of file corruption & with advanced algorithms.
  • Supports bulk repair of data files and then exports them to the preferred location.
  • Smartly repair Outlook PST files encrypted with SMIME & OpenPGP encryption.
  • This tool offers the option to export the repaired file in PST, PDF, HTML, MSG, EML & Office 365.
  • The software can counter all drawbacks present in the manual method & provides a smooth & safe data file repair experience to the users.

Because of these features, learning how to fix damaged Outlook PST files by the automated method is a better choice for users.

The Final Verdict

Now that we know the entire process of repairing corrupted Outlook data files, we can easily get our sensitive data back in no time. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a perfect tool & technique plays a vital role in the end results of the operation. This is why users must select their methods wisely.

According to the reports, the best & most practical solution is the automated tool. This is because users can avail various benefits using the automated solution that can make their tasks even more simplified. Hence, We hope that you know how to repair corrupt Outlook data file using the automated method.

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