Koss QZBuds Earbuds


Koss headphones have a attribute and essential feature – practicality. It manifests itself in a reasonable price, strength, durability and convenient design. This is not surprising: the brand began with the production of headphones for the army and aviation, and this 12 months marks its 60th anniversary. And what about their sound? As before, a complete order, which is without problems seen on the instance of the new model QZBuds.

Koss QZBuds Earbuds


TYPE OF:intra channel dynamic
FREQUENCY RANGE: 10 – 20 000 Hz
CONNECTION:1.5-meter cable with 3.5 mm jack, noise-canceling
NOISE SUPPRESSION:active with monitor function

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QZBuds are capable to work in an absolutely passive mode – barring a battery or with the machine grew to become off. If you find yourself in a quiet place, you can keep strength with the aid of turning the change engine on the electronic unit to the OFF position. However, in this case, the Monitor mode will no longer work, and this is a useful feature. We press the button, and the device starts offevolved to “listen” to the surroundings thru the microphone, muffling the music. For example, if you go to the subway or train and are afraid to leave out your station – simply press the button, and the commercials will be perfectly audible.


QZBuds has a long non-removable one-and-a-half-meter cable, on which there is a noise cancellation module nearer to the minijack. This approves you to connect it to clothing anywhere, put it in your shirt pocket, or even hang it on a belt with a metal retainer.

QZBuds Sound

The device unit under the desk in no way appeared loud. But it used to be necessary to put on QZBuds and set off the noise reduction system, as it became out that it rattles. And it rattles in an extensive range: there are low-frequency and high-frequency components in its noise. The noise of QZBuds incredibly weakens them. True, it also barely affects the sound of the music: the quantity is barely decreased and the bottoms are “dried”. The volume stage can be brought to the source, and you quickly get used to a moderate weakening of the bass. It is no longer annoying, I do not even prefer to twist something in the equalizer. There is no impact on the rest of the range: they maintain excessive purity and transparency, no considerable distortions appear, as is often the case with NC headphones in this fee category.

qzbuds cheap rate

The cable is clean and lacks a microphone effect, however tends to get confused. It must carefully fold it and repair the coils before inserting it in the case. Perhaps this is the solely extensive downside of the model.

The alternatively giant headphone cases are made of soft-touch-coated plastic, as is the case of the noise canceling unit. The console is also matte, however additionally embellished with chrome stripes.


These headphones do not care what to play. They work honestly: they don’t single out and do not emphasize the shortcomings of the recording, but they also don’t blur the subtle details and details that make the sound realistic and expressive. Such an unbiased presentation style has always been characteristic for Koss headphones, and this is one of the reasons why the company has so many adherents and fans.

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