LG VRF6570LVM Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


The LG VRF6570LVM robotic vacuum cleaner will effortlessly cope with any pollution. The rectangular shape of the physique in aggregate with elongated brushes will increase the cleansing efficiency in the corners and different hard-to-reach places with the aid of 70-94% in contrast to the classic spherical models.

LG VRF6570LVM Specifications

Number of operating modesfive
Battery operationup to 1 h 40 min
Obstacle sensorsYes
Number of cameras2
Number of nozzlesone
Control typeelectronic
Turbo modeYes
Timer for every day of the weekYes
Output HEPA filterH11 (replaceable)
Orientation in spaceultrasound / infra / SLAM
Voice alertsYes
Weight3 kg

Best Controls

Robot is oriented in the room even higher than the residents of the residence – after the first cleaning it makes up the camera, the use of infrared and ultrasonic sensors, as well as two cameras. Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner reduces the cleaning time by means of optimizing the route, and also reduces the number of collisions with the aid of 2.5 times.

Efficiency and Reliability

The inverter drive with constantly adjustable power is subjected to much less stress and creates much less noise than conventional motors. He is in a position to work in faster mode, making sure fantastic cleanliness of the ground after the first pass. When the vacuum cleaner hits the carpet, the electricity is robotically reduced, which helps defend the fibers of the sensitive cloth from breaking.


Robot can without problems cope with cleansing in a large condominium or in a private house. It is equipped with a battery, designed for 1.5 hours of battery life, as properly as a capacious sealed dirt collector that does no longer require prevalent emptying.


  • Easy clean


  • The whole apartment does not have enough charge, especially with a wet cloth if.

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