Most Popular Royal Canin Cat Food Every Pet Owner Should Know

Everything Cat Parents Want to Know About Best Pet Food

Pet parents today are highly conscious of what they feed their pets. They do not pick any pet food recklessly. Their expectations from the food packs are high. They go into the details of the ingredients and their nutritional profiles. Hence, we also have many pet food manufacturers to fulfill the pet food demands. And Royal Canin cat food is one of the best brands loved by pet parents. The name is even known to those who do not own pets.

Royal Canin has developed a full line of cat foods and dog foods. The varieties are huge and valuable for every pet. Pet parents can shop for breed-specific foods, size-specific, or by health conditions of their pets. Royal Canin also offers food for spayed cats and kittens and neutered dogs. These foods are formulated as per the specific needs of pets suffering from certain health issues. They are conveniently available in the leading pets stores. These foods are also known as veterinary food and prescription foods.

Royal Canin Cat Food For Best Health Of Your Feline Friends

Like humans, every pet has its own individual nutritional requirement. It changes with their life stages, breeds, size, lifestyle, and health conditions. With such thoughtful varieties of pet foods, life is much better for the pets and the pet parents. 

At the same time, Royal Canin foods are also packed with ingredients that are essential to satiate the wild nature of cats and dogs. Our pet experts have picked some of the most popular foods that cat parents should know.

Best Foods For Cats & Kittens From Royal Canin-

  1. Royal Canin – Sensitive Digestion Dry Cat Food 

This food is formulated for adult cats of any breed with a sensitive stomach. Digestive upset is one of the most common cat problems. Cat parents should consult their vets before approaching their pet feed store. Veterinarians may prescribe this food for cats with sensitive stomachs. The food is packed with prebiotics and easily digestible proteins. You may pair this food with Royal Canin’s wet cat food formulated for digestive care. The food is also highly palatable and appealing with its unique kibbles. 

2. Royal Canin – Adult Persian Dry Cat Food

Persian cats are one of the most beautiful feline breeds. It is often known as the Ferrari of the cat world. Their long and lush fur and big eyes make them look adorable. Persian cats need tailored food to maintain their coat’s luster. This food for Persian breeds also helps in controlling hairballs and promotes healthy digestion. The kibbles are designed for the jaws of Persian cats and also ensure oral health. This world-famous pet food brand has also developed the best Royal Canin puppy dog food for toy breeds and large breeds. 

3. Royal Canin – Mother & Babycat Ultra-Soft Mousse in Sauce Canned Cat Food

This is a superb food tailor-made for new kittens and pregnant and nursing cats. The recipe is packed with essential nutrients for cognitive development and antioxidants for immune building. The texture of the food is easy to chew and digest. You may shop for many other canned foods for kittens at your nearest cat and dog feed store.  

4. Royal Canin – Adult Maine Coon Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin knows every detail about this large magnificent breed. This food is perfect for 15 months and older than 15 months Maine Coon cats. The large-sized breed has unique nutritional needs. Essential nutrients in the food help to keep their skin and coats soft, shiny, and healthy. The kibbles in this bag are cube-shaped and large for the breed’s large jaws. This food can be paired with Royal Canin Maine Coon Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food. 

5. Royal Canin Adult Fit & Active Dry Adult Cat Food

This dry food for adult cats is carefully designed to keep them fit and fine. No matter how much time they spend running around, their health should not see a downslide. If your cat is remaining outdoors for long hours, this is the best food you can feed. This food supports cats with precise calorie content to maintain adequate weight and fitness. If you also have a dog, you may get great Royal Canin puppy food for your junior dogs. 

6. Royal Canin – Appetite Control for Spayed/Neutered Cats Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin has formulated food for spayed cats. Spaying or Neutering may cause a sudden spike in hunger but a decline in their calorie needs. This may lead to excess weight in cats after they are spayed/neutered. This food is designed with moderate fat levels and hence controls weight gain in cats. This dry food can be very well paired with Royal Canin Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered Wet Cat Food.      

7. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Recovery, “RS” Canned Dog and Cat Food

Royal Canin also offers excellent recovery cat foods for kitties recovering from illnesses or surgeries. This food is suitable for recuperating dogs and cats. The right food can speed up their recovery and bring their health back on track. The food is a critical care diet and is also suitable for recovering kittens and pups. It is highly digestible and stimulating ensuring extra nutritional support.

Serving the right kind of food is the best thing you can do for your pets. Tailored nutrition is a great thing to help pets tackle their health conditions. Pet parents can shop for the perfect food for their specific breeds. If your pet is sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients, consult your vet. Your vet will suggest foods to save your pets from skin allergies and food sensitivities.

Whether your cat is overweight or struggling with a hairball problem, there are plenty of foods available. All you need to do is take your pets to the vet. The vet will prescribe you the right food after diagnosing them. Prescription or veterinary pet foods are sold against the vet’s prescription. Hence it is important to consult your vet before you buy veterinary food. With such beneficial foods, it is easier for pet parents to provide the right nutrition to their pets. You may find all these foods in your nearest pet food store.