Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary and Cool Facts

Pacman game was created by Namco in Japan in 1980. It has celebrated a major milestone – the Pacman Namco game celebrated its 30th anniversary on May 21, 2010. Google paid homepage to this wonderful and instantly recognizable game ever released by putting it on its home page. As an ode to the Pacman iconic game, the Pacman 30th anniversary Google Doodle was brought to life in 2010, celebrating the game’s success since its original release back in 1980.

History of Classic PacMan Video Game

The ever-popular and classic Pacman video game came out in Japan on May 21, 1980.  In the month of October this year, the Pacman was released in United State. By 1981, approximately 250 million Pacman games were being played in the USA. Every week Pacman character moved on 100,000 Pacman machines. Since then, Pacman has been released on every game platform. The yellow pi-shaped Pacman character follows a yellow ball eating and running away from four ghosts. These four ghosts follow the Pacman character for hunting. To this day, Pacman proves itself one of the high in demand and most popular games in history. The Pacman game character was designed by a Toru iwatani a young video game designer. In numerous kid books the innovative and beautiful Pacman design has been published and Pacman lovers like it.

Creation of Pacman Design

Toru Iwatani claims that he got Pacman design from a Pizza. He saw a pizza missing two slices and this resembled the mouth of a classic Pacman video game. So, he decided to create “Pakkuman” a character that refers to the Japanese term “paku-paku teberu”. This term is usually used to describe the sound made by the mouth when it is opened widely and closed in quick succession. It’s a brilliant way to come up with a Pack-man character that holds still inspiration today even after the Pacman30th anniversary. Packman’s mouth is the only weapon in the arsenal, players need to strategically chew their way to win the game. The Pacman classic video game is designed in such a way that pac-man chomp away at pills, power pellets, and pills.


How The Pacman Game Works

In the beginning like most games in 1980, Pacman was basically made for the arcade, so the players use the keyboard arrows on a personal computer (PC)  or joystick to play this wonderful and classic video game. The main objective is to consume the 240 dots and avoid Pacman from hunting by four ghosts. The four ghosts come with the names Blinky (red), Pinky (pink),  inky (light blue), and Clyde (orange), the Packman players may already be familiar with the ghosts as Ai simply chases you. It will surprise you that the each of four Pacman game ghosts adopts their own different strategies to follow you. These four will chase you scatter or frighten you. You need to be more vigilant and active and try to eat all the 240 dots before these four attach you.

As per the experience and enthusiasts Pacman video game, these are some traits of each ghost. Check them out as you prepare to revisit it on the Pacman 30th Anniversary.