Philips Fabric Shaver GC026 / 00

The Philips Fabric Shaver GC026 / 00 and hair care computing device will fix any product: from a skinny sweater to a thick blanket.

Philips Fabric Shaver GC026 / 00 Specifications

Number of nozzlesone
Nasad for knitwear with a napYes
Removable compartment for pelletsYes
Weight134 g

New Look
Almost all things from knitwear roll over with time. The gadget will cautiously get rid of the unsightly pellets and, thanks to the capability to modify the role of the nozzle, even subtle cashmere will now not hurt. The mannequin is equipped with a extensive blade, which approves overlaying a massive area in a single pass. For fabrics with various stages of wear, three hole sizes are furnished for tremendous cleaning.

Best Features
Philips GC026/00 is amassed in a transparent container – it is convenient to comply with its filling. The filter is cleaned with the protected brush.

Philips GC026 / 00 works only from two finger-type batteries. No limiting wires – you can take the laptop with you on trips to usually be sure of the perfect seem to be of your clothes.

GC026 / 00 pros

Powerful, has a large diameter of the working surface, which allows you to clean large things (there is a small machine – inconvenient for a large cleaning surface – for a very long time); cleans cleanly especially when the battery is new

GC026 / 00 Cons

The lid was removed from behind periodically, died after a year of work and cannot be repaired, it just worked and stopped what happened and did not understand

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