Philips FC8796/01 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Philips FC8796

Tired of constantly taking walks around the condominium with a vacuum cleaner and a mop? And if there are hypersensitive reactions in the house, then it has to be executed often! The Philips FC8796 / 01 Robot Vacuum Cleaner saves a lot of your time and energy. This baby is suitable even for washing floors, and you will solely need to periodically do a huge cleaning, now not doing the pursuits upkeep of cleanliness.

Philips FC8796/01 Specifications

Number of operating modesfour
Dust Container Capacity0.4 l
Battery operationup to 1 h 55 min
Obstacle sensorsYes
Wet cleaningYes
Number of nozzlesone
Control typeelectronic
Timer for every day of the weekYes
Output HEPA filterEPA 12
Orientation in spaceoptical sensor
Weight2 kg

Full Cleaning

Philips FC8796/01 device will bring cleanliness in your home in three steps. Long aspect brushes sweep dirt and a small litter even from the corners, a effective motor sucks dust inside. A wet microfiber nozzle will complete the cleaning, wiping the floors. And all this in one omit of the vacuum cleaner!

Smart Sensors

23 sensors and the built-in accelerometer assist the vacuum cleaner to pick out the most advantageous trajectory of movement. You do not have to continuously return to the free house stuck device. Driving mode is chosen robotically depending on the room.


The Philips FC8796/01 vacuum cleaner case is only 5.8 cm thick and is high-quality for cleaning beneath furniture. No missed plot!

Shake out the container except touching the contaminated parts. The ergonomic layout of the vacuum cleaner allows you to do this effortlessly and quickly.


  • Thin
  • simple in execution

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