Present Your Brand With Mailer Boxes UK

In these modern times where people are so much busy with their routines. Non-stop, endless work and responsibilities. Tons and tons of shipments are made daily. The number of companies shipping products to the UK and other parts of the world had rapidly increased. Keeping in view such a scenario, why should one get mailer boxes?

These are commonly used by companies because of their lightweight. They are very easy to carry. When you are choosing the packaging for your product there is a lot to consider.

You might be thinking about the looks, but you might not be thinking about the space that it would take in transit and how much it would cost in shipment.

In terms of these logistics, mailers are more the worth of your attention.

Businesses that deal in the shipment of products regularly, must use custom mailer boxes and present their brand beautifully. Following are the reasons as to why to get mailer boxes:


Mailer Boxes Are Undoubtedly Durable

Whenever any product is shipped, it is necessary to make sure that it retains its original shape. To help your business with that custom mailer boxes is the best idea. There is a bunch of options you can try in mailer boxes.

Best For Shipment

The mailer boxes are very economical. It is well known that when the shipment reaches the shores, they are charged according to weight. Hence, the more the weight, the more would be the custom charges. But with mailer boxes, there is no point in any such issue because these boxes are as light as feather. Thus, results in minimum charges.


One of the best features of mailer boxes is that they are made of recycled materials. Hence making it so economical and easy to afford.


The mailer boxes are made from recycled materials. They are indirectly helping in preserving the natural habitat by not chopping off the trees. Thus, making the Earth a healthy place to live.

How These Boxes Are Made?

The reliability of any product greatly depends upon its manufacturing. The materials, machinery and the environment in which it is built have a huge impact on its durability.

The Beginning Of Corrugated Packaging

A series of clean machinery is aligned to get the perfect packaging material. The raw material, which is recycled paper is stored in the shape of huge containers, folded together so that it does not take more space.

The first step of making mailer boxes is putting the raw material into a machine called the single facer. To achieve the best results, a medium pass through a set of corrugated rolls under high temperature. High pressure is necessary to give cushioning capability to the material.

The Use Of Pressure Roll

It loads the correct amount of pressure to bring the material in line with the fluid medium. Then the glue is applied through a glue roll. It is very important to apply the right amount of heat. The adhesive material should also be taken care of, to form strong boxes.

Most Common Boxes In E-commerce

The most common kind of box used for shipping is the mailer box. It goes by different names, for example, roll end front tuck, roll end top tuck, literature mailer or just simply e-commerce mailer box.

The opening of the flap at the front creates a nice unboxing feeling in customers. You may want to look fancy when it comes to boxes.

Be Cautious With Amount of Time Management

There are a lot of options but must keep time management in mind before placing an order. Just five minutes saved smartly from each order can ultimately save up to months of work. While ordering any kind of mailer box, must keep in consideration the time required to assemble them.

Different Kinds Of Mailer Boxes

You may want to order the typical mailer boxes or customise the size and design. There is a wide option of mailer boxes, its design and unique styles that you can opt for.

Auto Bottom Mailer Box: You can have an Auto Bottom box in which the box interlocks automatically. There is no adhesive material or assembly required. Thus, making it more expensive.

Tuck Flap Bottom Box: Another option is Tuck Flap Bottom which also does not require glueing. You can also secure the product with a tap lock.

Best Mailers Boxes:

To ship clothes, toys, electronics or other products, usually, white mailer boxes are used. While on the other hand, black mailer boxes can also be used.

The coatings on both kinds of boxes enhance the look. Especially the black mailer box with a Matte Coating is so eye-catching. It is the most extensively used colour in mailer boxes wholesale. Not because it is simple but elegant at the same time.

Get Add-ons To Make Your Product Look Elegant:

The add-ons will further make your mailer box look unique.

You may also like to get Spot UV which will give the look of both Matte and Gloss Coating. There is the option of Embossing as well. Most customers like to get engraved titles and logos into the mailer boxes. It gives an exclusive look to the product.

Hot stamping, or you may call it Foiling, can also be considered while considering other add-ons. It is a famous add-on too.

Be very careful while placing your order. Look for a genuine company that truly cares for its customers.

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