Reasons to buy an Xbox One instead of a PlayStation 4


1- Convenient controller

In the previous technology of consoles, the Xbox had a better controller, in accordance to many gamers. And in this nothing has changed. Xbox One game pad is a recognized preferred among all controllers on the market. It matches perfectly in the hands, it is handy and first-rate to press buttons and triggers on it.

And most importantly, this gamepad runs on batteries. So if the controller sits down in the midst of an essential battle, then you will not have to charge it. It will be enough to trade the batteries.

2- Subscription service with hundreds of games

The Xbox Game Pass is a service that gives get entry to to a massive library of Xbox One games. Subscribed customers can play in greater than 200 tasks . As new – for example, the motion Agents of Mayhem and Doom shooter , – and the basic action-RPG Fable and the cult slasher Devil May Cry four .

Moreover, all Microsoft exclusives, such as the Sea of ​​Thieves pirate simulator two and the Forza Horizon four race , show up in the Game Pass on the day of release. That is, as a substitute of buying a new game for the full fee of 3,999 rubles, you can purchase a subscription for a month for 599 of the equal rubles and complete the desired project. There are no equal provides for income on PlayStation 4.

3- Great Exclusives

The Xbox One doesn’t have many specific games, however they do exist . For example, you can solely play the legendary Halo shooter series on this console. As in the epic two Gears of War , exquisite races from the Forza collection , Killer Instinct combat game and cinematic action Quantum Break .

Also amongst the exclusives of the console is well worth bringing up Rare Replay – a collection of traditional video games studio Rare. Among them, for example, are Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

4- Backward compatibility

Unlike Sony, Microsoft has not forgotten about ancient games. Xbox One supports thousands of projects of previous consoles. You can play classic titles such as Metal Gear Solid HD, Portal, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and many others.

And not solely digital copies are supported, however also disk ones, and the listing of projects is continuously updated. While the solely way to play games for preceding PlayStations on a PlayStation four is to wait for a remaster or reissue.

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