Reasons Why India Is Globally Known For Android App Development?

India is the top country for software development and IT solutions. Particularly, when it comes to Android app development, India appears as the best destination for global businesses and startups. It is because this country has talented app developers and software engineers who are well-versed in building mobile apps. 

Android, which is the king of the mobile app market, enjoys having a 70% market share. It has various device variants and over 2.5 billion active mobile users. And therefore, startups and businesses choose Android as the first choice for their mobile app platform. 

And for developing android apps, most businesses prefer India. But why?

In this blog, I will explain why businesses mostly prefer India for Android app development. 

Current scenario of app development in India

India is a leading country in the world and is widely reputed for its software development and IT solutions. It has the world’s top professional developers, programmers, computer engineers, and IT professionals. 

India has a large IT ecosystem and infrastructure for software and mobile app development. This country has the highest number of IT companies which specifically work in web and mobile app development services. 

There are over 3,082,129 Android apps on the Google Play Store and out of that 159,937 android apps are from Indian app publishers. 

As per a Statista report, the mobile app market in India is expected to touch $1662.4 million in 2022. It is further expected to cross $2364 million in 2026 at a CAGR of 9.2%. 

At present, India is counted as the leading outsourcing destination for mobile app development. Businesses from different countries outsource their software and mobile app development projects to this country due to its highly cost-efficient solutions. 

For startups, India is the first choice when it comes to building a mobile app on a low budget. It is because mobile app development companies in India charge very low between $25-$30 per hour for building Android apps. This charge is comparatively very less than in other countries like USA, UK, and Canada where the cost of developing Android apps is expensive (around $100-180$ per hour)

Therefore, overseas businesses try to hire best Android app developers from India because it is quite cost-efficient and reliable. 


Top Reasons Why India is globally Reputed for Android app development 

Low Android app development cost

This is the top foremost reason why global businesses and startups choose India for developing Android apps. India has a great number of developers and mobile app development companies. 

This country has a high-standard IT infrastructure and ecosystem for developing all types of mobile applications. 

Due to increased competition and rapid growth of the mobile app development market, the cost of Android app development is quite affordable and more cost-efficient than in other countries. 

An Android app development company may charge $25 per hour for developing any type of mobile application. Whereas, developing the same app from other counties’ businesses might have to bear greater costs. 

For example, a mobile application development company in the USA may charge you between $100-$180 for developing simple to medium-scale mobile apps.  That is why India is considered the best destination for developing android apps because it provides low-cost development solutions. 

2. Faster delivery of Android app development project

For businesses, developing an Android app on time and fast is seriously a challenging task. Android has the highest number of device variants. It has a variety of user-interface layouts depending on different screen sizes and resolutions than iOS. Therefore, it takes significant time in developing android apps right from ideation to designing and developing to testing. 

Hence, businesses that want to build their android apps quickly outsource their projects to India. This county has a huge number of developers and companies. One can hire mobile app developers for any type of project through various hiring models. 

In addition to this, app development companies in India work round the clock. You can work with them anytime and from any location. Indian IT companies provide the best remote assistance for mobile app development services. With all these facilities, businesses get the opportunity to build mobile apps at the fastest speed. And thus, save considerable time and resources. 

3. Work with skilled developers

Indian Android app developers are globally famous for their software and mobile app development skills. They are well-versed in coding and programming with all frameworks and technologies. Indian developers are known for developing complex and innovative mobile applications with traditional as well as latest technologies. They can build high-quality apps with React Native, Flutter, Angular, Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, Jquery, and more. 

Moreover, mobile app development companies have dedicated teams for developing Android or iOS apps. This ensures when you hire android developers they hold proven expertise in building android apps. Therefore, when it comes to hire skilled or expert android app developers businesses opt for India. 

4. Great work flexibility

Different countries have different time zones. For outside companies many times it becomes a challenging task to work with different time zones as per the location of the app development company. Practically, it takes huge time and effort from businesses. 

And since android app development takes substantial time around (3-12 months). It impacts a lot on their budget. In this case, India provides great work flexibility to overseas businesses. Indian app development companies work with different working models and all time zones. 

You can work with them remotely or virtually set up a dedicated team for android app development. And this flexibility helps overseas businesses save huge costs and time on their project. Hence, if you are looking to work in a flexible model and build cost-efficient android app solutions then India is the best option for this case. 

5. Better security and reduced risks

Developing android or any type of app with a company outside your country location is risky. It is because you can’t visit physically to validate the company’s details to ensure your app and other project details are safe. 

Some overseas startups and businesses often avoid outsourcing their android and other app development projects due to security and data safety issues. They sometimes go with their country’s native developers bearing additional costs. 

India here comes as the perfect destination in the world for businesses that are looking for better security and low risks. Indian IT companies use a high-standard IT ecosystem to secure data. 

They work with overseas clients by signing NDA. Indian app development companies don’t hire freelance developers. They only keep full-time and certified developers at their workplaces. This ensures when an overseas client works with an Android developer in India their sensitive data is fully safe. 

To Wrap Up

India is the world’s leading country that provides high-quality software and IT solutions. It has a great number of talented developers and reliable tech resources to build any mobile app at a cost-efficient budget. You can work with them from any location remotely and be assured of data safety. 

Therefore, India stands out as the best place for global businesses that want to build an android app from outside their country. But since the number of developers is very large. You need to conduct deep research to find out the best android app development company in India as per your project requirements. 

About the Author

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