Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Free

Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Free 2013 & 2016 Versions

Microsoft Outlook’s performance reduces due to various reasons. The primary reason for this is the duplication of emails & other Outlook data items. Evidently, users just need to know the right way to remove duplicate emails in Outlook free & safely. The creation of duplicate emails & other data items is common in Outlook. 

That’s why in this blog we’re going to explain the reasons why Outlook creates duplicate data items in your mailbox. Moreover, the manual & modern solutions to remove this duplicate data are also mentioned in this article. We’re sure that you can delete all duplicate items that are present in Outlook by the end of this blog.

Before we move further, we are going to know the effects of the creation of these duplicate data items. Knowing the effects of these duplicate emails can help us understand the entire situation in a better way.

Why Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016 Free? – Critical Issues

Due to the creation of duplicate emails, various problems arise that troubles the users. These issues can be minor in some cases & severe in several cases too. Below are these critical issues mentioned for instance.

  • Stores Unnecessary Data Files
    When there are duplicate data present in your Outlook, it captures unnecessary storage space on your machine. It slows down the processing speed of your system to a great extent.
  • Increases Size of Servers Space
    If you’re Outlook is configured with the Microsoft Exchange Server of Office 365 productivity suite, then it will fill up the storage there also with unwanted duplicate data items.
  • Create Confusion Among Users
    Users also get confused when there are multiple files present in their system with the name properties. It can lead to various misunderstandings & difficult scenarios later if not resolved timely.
  • Reduced Performace of Outlook
    Outlook’s performance also gets affected by this. Frequent lags and the slow speed of the system for processing multiple data are common effects.
  • Longer Data Backups than Usual
    While creating data backup, your system will take a longer time than usual because of the presence of multiple data fields with the same properties. Moreover, your backup will also have duplicate files.

Reasons Why Outlook Creates Duplicate Data Items In Mailbox 

Now we are going to look at the reasons why Outlook creates duplicate data items in the mailbox. That’ll help us in getting deep insights into the operation to remove duplicate emails in Outlook free 2013 & other versions.

Improper Mailbox Settings
When users create an Outlook account, it’s possible to face such issues if the mailbox settings are set improperly. Users must pay attention while setting up their accounts. Similarly, the false configuration of rules can also cause this issue.

Short Interval Emails Send/Receive
If your Outlook inbox updates with a low frequency, then there is a high chance for you to receive the exact same email of other data items multiple times. That’s due to the delay in the synchronization of machine & server data. 

Issues With The Account Set Up
Users must know that the synchronization of the same email on multiple devices can be an issue too. Having the same account on Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, etc can cause repeated synchronization of emails.

Technical Errors & Bugs
Technical issues of the server also become the reason why you get duplicate emails.  If you have enabled the “Leave messages on the server” option then you can get frequent issues regarding the same.

Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Free 2016 Manually

To remove the duplicate emails from your mailbox, there are some manual methods available. Although these manual methods are not practical as they have several limitations. However, it’s still important to just know all of the available methods.

Set Inbox Update Frequency
Users need to change the Inbox update frequency in order o solve this issue. Start the Outlook application & then Go to Send & Receive option. Select Define Send or Receive Groups. Finally, Set the Frequency from 15 to 30 minutes. 

Properly Configuring the Rules
If your Outlook rules are not configured correctly, then configure them accordingly. In addition, users need to make sure that only an individual instance of Outlook is running. Remove the other if there is any.

Change Settings of the Antivirus
Make sure that your system’s antivirus is not interrupting the Outlook application. Your antivirus can cause interruption with the server & flag received emails as unreceived. This will create duplicate emails when the system starts again.

Enable the “Do Not Import Duplicate Items” Feature
Whenever you import .pst file in outlook to get emails, contacts, calendars, etc, use the import/export wizard carefully. Select the “Do Not Import Duplicate Items” to avoid getting duplicate items in your mailbox.

Automated Methods to Delete These Duplicate Emails in MS Outlook

The automated method is so far the best & reliable solution to getting the desired solution. It includes the Most Secure Microsoft Outlook Duplicates Remover in use. This software is the most advanced solution with various unique features. Download the tool & follow the below-mentioned steps to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2013 free & safely.

Users can opt for the demo version for free. However, they need to purchase the full version to remove duplicates in bulk. Users can easily learn how to remove duplicate emails from Outlook 2019 / 2016 & other versions with this tool.

Step-1.  Launch the Utility & then Click on the Add File button.

Step-2. Select the Categories from which you want to remove the duplicate emails.

Step-3. Now, Select the Criteria that define if a data file is original or duplicate.

Step-4. Click Next & then Click on the Ok button to finish the task. 

The Final Say

We can finally say that we know all of the crucial methods to get rid of duplicate emails. Moreover, we know the experts recommended automated solutions also. These solutions can help you remove duplicate data items without any challenges.

As we know the impact of duplicate emails on our Outlook, users must not delay to remove duplicate emails in Outlook free. The demo version of the automated tool can show you the capabilities it holds. You can purchase the software for bulk deletion of duplicate files later.

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