Roccat Kone Aimo Gaming Mouse


In the gaming manipulator market, every brand has its personal series of flagship devices: the Razer is the Deathadder, the SteelSeries has the Sensei, the Corsair has the M65, and the ROCCAT has the Kone. The first mouse in this sequence seemed in 2007, turning into a legend of German production. Having correctly performed in the finances segment, this simply designed manipulator added ROCCAT mice to the gaming industry, where for 11 years the employer has persisted to show proper outcomes and produce extraordinary gaming solutions.


Manipulator typegaming mouse, under the full palm
Sensoroptical, 12,000 cpi
Poll Frequency1000 Hz
Response time1 ms
CPUARM Cortex-M0, 50 MHz
Internal memory512 KB
ConnectionUSB (1.8 m cable)
Dimensions4.0 x 8.5 x 12.5 mm / 130 g
Cost of80 Dollars

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Roccat Kone Aimo Gaming Mouse Design

For some time the company deserted aggressive design, curved and jagged shapes, transferring to the release of greater stylish manipulators. This is understandable because customers of gadgets from this manufacturer are getting older and try to pick an expert and concise mice. The new concept of enjoying gaming peripherals is reflected now not solely in the graph of mice, but also on keyboards that have turn out to be greater restrained, but no much less functional. And this is now not a minus, but alternatively a plus.

ROCCAT Kone AIMO – the most recent replace at the time of writing the assessment of the legendary Kone manipulator, launched in 2018. Available in black and white color of the case, this mouse is tremendous for people with medium and massive palm. At first, its physique may appear cumbersome to you (it is larger than the Razer Naga Epic), however the Kone AIMO is tremendously light for its size. Plastic body, even though not rubberized, but great to the touch, like satin. Finger typos on the case will be accumulated anyway, but they can be erased at any time if the aesthetics of perpetual novelty is necessary to you.

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On the ROCCAT Kone AIMO case there is a block of three buttons to which you can connect unique moves or the execution of macros. Two buttons are located on the left aspect in the region of ​​accessibility of the thumb, and the 0.33 right under them. The keys are without difficulty pressed and furnish excellent tactile feedback. The aid of their work is calculated at 50 million clicks, and this is quite a lengthy time.


And the mouse has a delightful RGB light, which turns possession of the manipulator into a real party. The lights gadget is the real satisfaction of the two ROCCAT Kone AIMO mannequin: a lot of effort has been invested in its suited functioning. We are speaking not solely about the support of exceptional sorts of flicker and the opportunity of pairing with different gaming devices. The mouse additionally dynamically reacts to your movements, be it a shootout in the sport or browsing the Internet.

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Immediately, we be aware that the man or woman LEDs in the backlight areas are indistinguishable by eye. The matt plastic overlaying the factors of the glow perfectly refracts the light, making it clean and iridescent, as if it were a homogeneous residing substance. In combination with the “satin” plastic and black color of the buttons, which gradient easily into the backlight, it appears in reality stylish and professional. It appears that we have never met such an natural and elegant backlighting on recreation paddles.

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