Sencor SHB 4450WH Blender

Sencor SHB 4450WH Blender

My New Year holidays were definitely not boring. After all, during this time I had the great honor to test a couple of DEXP SB-500 and DEXP ST-900 blenders, which I gave detailed reports to the readers before. Not everything was perfect with those blenders, but both models corresponded to their low price. Now, before school starts, the SHB 4450WH blender, produced by the Czech company Sensor, came to me. This model is also sold in the CSN distribution network, and at the moment they are asking for about 2,499 rubles for it. Not so expensive yet, but what does Sensor SHB 4450WH offer for this money? We will find out in the course of this review


Type – submersible blender 
Model – Sencor SHB 4450WH 
Main color – white 
Additional color – orange, silver 
Maximum power – 800 W 
Number of speeds – 5 
Body material – plastic, metal 
Material of the submersible part – metal 
Smooth speed control – yes 
Grinder – yes 
Measuring cup – there is a 
whisk for beating – there is


Packaging Sencor SHB 4450WH framed so colorful and positive that immediately pushes to the preparation of delicious and healthy fruit cocktails. But not only bright images of fruit rich face the face of the package. Here is the model of the device and focuses on some of the technical features of the Sencor SHB 4450WH.

[asa2_img img=”5″ size=”LargeImage” width=”500″ height=”469″ show_title=”no” show_button=”yes” tpl=”Image_Layout_Polaroid”]B007TIE0GQ[/asa2_img]

The delivery package of Sencor SHB 4450WH includes :

  • 800 W working block Sencor SHB 4450WH;
  • working shaft of the blender with 6 titanium blades;
  • shredder capacity 500 ml. with lid and blade;
  • measuring cup 800 ml. with lid;
  • nozzle for the corolla;
  • corolla;
  • user manual in 20 languages, including Russian;
  • Appendix to the user manual and warranty card.


The working unit of the Sencor SHB 4450WH blender is made of metal and plastic. The manufacturer used a combination of white and silver in the external design. Brightly highlighted in orange and the control button of the working unit.

In the Sencor SHB 4450WH blender, this control button is floating. Evenly dosing press, the user can change the speed of rotation of the working shaft. At the top of the working unit there is an LED indication, which can be used to judge the rotational speed.


Having tried this blender for several days in work, I can say with confidence that Sencor SHB 4450WH- an example of the device to cook with which in the kitchen is a pleasure. The case of the device is assembled with high quality, it does not creak anywhere and does not hang out, and the docking mechanism functions correctly and does not fail during operation by accidentally disconnecting the modules used. The smooth progress of the working key, with which you can smoothly and accurately dispense the rotational speed, also deserves high praise. At the same time, the noise of the Sencor SHB 4450WH blender is below average, and there are practically no vibrations on the body during operation of the device. The power of the blender is sufficient both for the preparation of light cocktails and for mixing thick foods. We were also pleased with the capacity of the measuring cup of 800 milliliters. The only pity is that she does not have a spout for draining. In the end, I can safely say


  • beautiful appearance of the device, harmonious combination of colors;
  • high-quality assembled case, comfortable working grip;
  • gently and smoothly press the working key, with which you can very accurately dispense the speed of rotation;
  • works noticeably quieter in comparison with other models and does not vibrate around the body;
  • high-quality and reliable mechanism of docking nozzles;
  • easily understands and also easily washes;
  • large measuring cup with a capacity of 800 ml .;
  • 800 W power is enough even for thick ingredients.
  • there is no spout for draining a measuring cup.

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