Sennheiser momentum 2.0

Sennheiser momentum 2.0

Sennheiser has a trusted name in the world of leading headphones. If you have been tired of the unbearably uncomfortable current generation headphones and looking for extraordinary sound quality then Sennheiser momentum 2.0 is the only answer. They are second-generation momentum headphones, as 2.0 denote, which just got updated in 2015. Meanwhile, Sennheiser has also released its high-end wireless version which supports easy portability.

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Sennheiser momentum 2.0 offers a complete fashion-conscious package with its top tier design providing more spacious, wider and softer cups to fix the issues with the previous version. The sheer depth of the pads helps distribute pressure evenly and reduces the friction which can result in sweaty earphones.

Moreover, the comfort level is enhanced by the feather-like a headband. The brushed metal hinges followed by brown leather covering the headband and the ear pads make up a classy contrast with the three amazing shades of sophisticated colors. This spectacular design followed by color changing Sennheiser icon on the ear cups gives it an overall a great look. Besides the glamorous look, they work excellent in rendering vocals like the top of the range headphones.


The vast refinements made in the current version include an increased level of sophistication and easiness with the bigger ear cups and softer ear pads. One of the most impressive features is the powerful bass like Apple’s Beats which is quite deep without ruling over the sound. The new earphones are assisted with the ability to fold in the cups making them portable. These are one of the most stylish headphones in the race of leading headphones, however, less classy and style drove than the previous version as supported by over-ear size cups. Sennheiser momentum 2.0 is the second attempt of over-ear momentum headphones with no significant changes in the quality of sound as well as the look so that what makes it get the lead over the previous version is its soft and comfortable design.


Sennheiser momentum 2.0 is available in limited versions of color (black, brown and ivory) however multi shades are expected in future. They are enclosed in a luxurious and hard yet smooth jaw case where they are stored in a folded condition. These headphones are provided with a detachable, L-shaped data cable which protects it from getting yanked into the cups with the built-in microphone and 3- button remote which allows controlling phone calls, music and volume supporting both Android and Apple smartphones. For storing the headphones safely, there is also an additional pouch available in the box.

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Build Quality

As far as the longevity of the headphones is concerned, it provides a durable and long ending profile with the soft and smooth design. The pads and the headband are memory foam covered with leather all over which ensure the durability and strength of the headphones.


Sennheiser momentum could not gain much success as the cups were complained to be smaller to cover average sized ears and resulted in a major drawback. However, Sennheiser momentum 2.0 is specifically addressed for the people using the previous version which was unbearably uncomfortable, leading to sore ears. The ear cups have an increased diameter in order to fully surround an average sized pair of ears followed by ear pads that are softer memory foam that actually relieves pressure on the ears. The cups are assisted with the wonderful feature of slight rotation to perfectly fit around the ears. The comfort level is increased to that extent that you can easily carry them while jogging or doing exercise.


With these headphones from being one of the most reputed companies, Sennheiser, it becomes no longer surprising that the sound is audiophile worthy. From deep bass to full mids to lush highs it does a great job. The powerful bass gives a clean and refined sound. The highs offering pleasing detail with no harshness or piercing sound which makes vocals to be more detailed and revealing. Aside from the frequency, the soundstage for the headphones is especially wide for a closed-back pair and the separated layers allow pinpointing most sounds individually. The 18-ohm Neodym transducers help to produce clear, richly detailed and high-resolution sound.

Whether traveling in the bus or moving through the city with dense traffic, there is no need to contend with the noise as long as you have Sennheiser momentum 2.0 offering pleasant, warm and cozy design and optimal sound quality yet being expensive which proves to be a negative point but they are good at providing refined and enriched sound.

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