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‘Stronger’ Strong Customer Authentication Boosts Fraud Prevention

Due to their interoperability and security architecture, FIDO2 key assist enterprises in rapidly achieving a passwordless environment. They operate immediately and use a separate cryptography chip to qualify for the highest authenticator assurance level, allowing for compliance with the most stringent compliance standards. Using a physical security key on a mobile device required additional software and a reader prior to FIDO2. However, the main mobile device makers have made significant investments in integrating FIDO2 into their authentication system. As a consequence, a FIDO2 security key may be used immediately on a mobile device. This compatibility enables you to deploy robust MFA to all mobile devices quickly and without requiring any modifications to the mobile device.


Malware and other hacking tools make it quite easy to grab credentials and retry them again until access is granted. FIDO2 removes this vulnerability by requiring physical contact with the hardware token prior to initiating the authentication procedure. Even if a hacker acquires a system with a plugged-in FIDO2 credential, no authentication will occur until the user physically acts. This security tool safeguards your company promptly against the most severe credential theft and phishing attempts.


Given the critical nature of supply chain security, enterprises may now require their partners to utilize only NIST-certified FIDO2 devices equipped with the FIDO webauthn  Attestation security feature. To illustrate how this works, pretend that you are the information technology security manager for a manufacturing facility with suppliers that have access to your ordering system. You specify that they must now employ multifactor authentication. However, you also determine that they must use a FIPS-certified device to comply with your internal compliance standards. You may use FIDO2 Attestation to check the device automatically during the registration process to ensure it is acceptable before enabling them to use it. This feature lets you verify that your partner is using a FIPS-compliant device.


To know further about ‘stronger’ strong customer authentication boosts fraud prevention, below is an infographic to help you secure private authentication for the future – LoginID.

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