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First, Dyson had an uncommon Supersonic hair dryer, which efficiently and quickly dried hair, and now a new styler, Dyson Airwrap, is delivered, which permits you to create styling using airflow. Hair is given a wavy or voluminous structure of curls, and all this at domestic with the traditional drying of hair.

Before creating the styler, engineers and trichologists analyzed a range of styling techniques and tried to pick out the problems. In particular, we are talking about problems of tangling hair, their damage from excessive temperatures and the incapacity to control the drift of air.

To combat the above disadvantages of usual stylers in Dyson Airwrap , a aggregate of air flow and heating is used, which is created using the Dyson V9 engine. As a result, the styling appears natural. and hair does not lose its shine and smoothness. Their shape does not suffer from the action of strong heat.

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Like the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, which we talked about above, the Dyson Airwrap styler is outfitted with an sensible heating manipulate system. The thermistor built into the machine measures the temperature up to 40 instances per 2d and continuously transmits the accrued information to the microprocessor, which regulates the heating force and does not permit it to go past the norm.

Accessories for Styler Dyson Airwrap

Dyson styler is presented in three sets, with extraordinary nozzles designed for one-of-a-kind types of hair: for thin, for dense and for all types. Below in the desk we virtually show how the three units range from every other. We think. that in such a visible representation it will be much more convenient to select the most suitable.

Dyson Airwrap 
“Volume + Form”
For fine hair
Dyson Airwrap 
“Smoothing + Control”
For thick hair
Dyson Airwrap 
For all hair types
Nozzle for drying hair before stylingNozzle for drying hair before stylingNozzle for drying hair before styling
30mm Airwrap x2 Cylindrical30mm Airwrap x2 Cylindrical30mm Airwrap x2 Cylindrical
Soft hair smoothing brush40 mm cylindrical nozzles Airwrap x240 mm cylindrical nozzles Airwrap x2
Round brush to create volumeStiff hair straightening brushStiff hair straightening brush
Soft hair smoothing brush
Round brush to create volume

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When working with distinct nozzles, one or every other effect from laying is obtained. For example, a cylindrical nozzle approves you to create curly curls due to the Coanda effect. In this case, the air glide passes through six air channels along the surface of the nozzle and envelops it due to the distinction in pressure, which lets in you to wind the strand.

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