Unique Gifts

The exclusive collection of unique gifts for different occasions.

Gifts are not only given on special occasions but can be given on other days to make the day beautiful. We can express our love and emotion in the form of the sweet gesture of gifting some unique and creative gift to our near and dear ones. Gifts can be divided according to our needs and the occasion. Even if you want to surprise someone by sending them gifts you need an online website which can help you in connecting with your relatives. This can be done easily by the hard-working efforts of OyeGifts. This website provides the fastest delivery of gifts to any place in India. You can send gifts online by using this website. Unique gifts online are present here. Let us have a look at them:

The colourful carnation flowers

You can gift this bouquet of colourful flowers to anyone. These wonderful flowers arranged together in a multi-coloured pattern make the bouquet attractive. There is a box of dry fruits along with this bouquet. Pistachios (pista), kaju(cashews), almonds (badam) and raisins (kishmish) are arranged in different compartments inside the box.

The basket gifts

A beautiful vase containing a bunch of pink lilies kept in their full form with the stem. Along with this unique way of gifting flowers we have baskets with something special in them. In one of the baskets we have mixed dry fruits and the other one is laden with fresh seasonal fruits. You can express your love by sending this amazing gift.

The money plant

Sending plants is a sweet gesture to express your love and emotion to that person. When you send plants you are contributing your share to making this planet healthy. This combination of gifts contains a money plant packed inside a brown vase in addition to a box of chocolate from Cadbury celebrations. This Cadbury celebration box is full of chocolates of many varieties.

The pink teddy

A teddy bear is a cute gift that is adorable and is kept in the home as a piece of decoration. This soft toy serves the purpose of interior decoration. A cute teddy bear in a mixture of pink and baby pink is sent. The feet of the teddy bear are inscribed in the shape of a heart. A cute bow made out of pink ribbon is tied to its neck. A double-layered bamboo plant which is already planted inside a glass pot is sent in this gift. It is a popular gift which you can order for your friends or other people.

Dairy milk chocolate

This is a special heart captivating arrangement of the bamboo plant along with the dairy milk chocolates. This plant is planted inside the pot and chocolate is arranged in closed vicinity so that they circle the pot. The entire arrangement is tied together by a knot. The bamboo plant is a special plant which is also known as an air purifier and has its connection with spirituality. It is a unique plant which is considered auspicious when kept at home.

The dairy milk bouquet

You must have heard about different varieties of flowers arrange into a bouquet. This is a unique arrangement where the sheet of cellophane is arranged in a manner which can contain double layers rows of chocolates. Dairy milk chocolates are arranged in two layers, one upon the other. The base of this bouquet is tied by a Blue ribbon.

The beauty of orchids and roses

When it comes to gifting someone flowers, the first image to come to mind is that of a rose. Rose is pretty and makes the bouquet beautiful. Sometimes we demand a change of taste in the selection of flowers. Orchids are one such which are rarely seen in bouquets. This bouquet is prepared by arranging yellow roses along with pink orchids and leaves. Three chocolate bars from Bournville are present to accompany this present. The favour of these chocolates is rich cocoa, hazelnut, and resin & nut respectively. This is one of the gifts which you can give to people who love the taste of dark chocolates.

The heart of Ferrero rocher

This is a special and unique gift which is created by arranging roses precisely red rose in a heart shape within which there is an arrangement of pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolates. This is a unique gift and very precious. You can gift this to your special friend, partner, relative, etc…

A unique collection of gifts are present on this website. The creative Gifts are not only present in bouquet form but also creativeness is seen in every field. You can search for the most creative gift according to your need and choice.