ThunderX3 AM7 Gaming Mouse


At the end of 2018, the ThunderX3 product range was once replenished with a new line with HEX backlighting. We will speak about the rodent from this line. What distinguishes an regular device from a gamer? The first component that comes to thinking is the price. And right here we can now not agree. Gaming gadgets are significantly more luxurious than usual. But perhaps some thing else besides the price? Undoubtedly, this layout and brilliant appearance. And it is this parameter that does not take your eyes off the ThunderX3 AM7.


• Model – ThunderX3 AM7
• Primary color – black
• Backlight – RGB
• Total number of buttons – 8
• Additional buttons – forward / backward, switching sensor resolution
• Programmable buttons – yes
• Mouse sensor model – PixArt PMW3360
• Maximum sensor resolution – 12000 dpi
• Sampling frequency – 1000 Hz
• Grip – for right and left hand
• Production material – plastic
• Connection type – wired
• Connection interface – USB
• Cable length – 1.8 m
• Width – 67 mm
• Height – 39 mm
• Length – 128 mm
• Weight – 118 g

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Package and Delivery

The mouse comes in a medium-sized cardboard box. Packaging is embellished in dark colorations and boasts a decent fashion and informative. On the face of the rodent itself is depicted, and also lists its principal advantages.

ThunderX3 AM7 Gaming Mouse

Appearance and design

The ThunderX3 AM7 has a medium-sized symmetrical case. So it is suitable for use, both right-handed and left-handed. The design can be called quite strict and restrained. There are no aggressive or “bright” elements.

Appearance and design

The decoration is dominated by smooth curved lines, which are diluted with “angular” main buttons and a trapezoidal silver insert between them. The latter, by the way, is practically the only decorative element, with the exception of the lower translucent edge and the manufacturer’s logo on the back of the mouse.

The mouse effectively combines a traditional symmetrical physique and a shiny and unusual RGB HEX backlight, which favorably distinguishes it against the history of a large variety of comparable devices.

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Someone will say that the backlight is not the most important component in any gaming device, and it might also be right. But to go past the HEX lights in this mouse and now not to say a few words about it would be simply a crime. RGB backlighting these days is no surprise to anyone, but despite this, only a few can boast of its implementation like the ThunderX3 AM7. Finding fault is genuinely impossible. In the case of our mouse, we have no longer solely a glowing logo, as it occurs in most cases. The backlight is additionally outfitted with a scroll wheel and the complete decrease and facet edges, which, when activated, create a shiny halo round the mouse.


The body material served as black matte plastic. It is quite pleasant to the touch and has a good grip, which has a positive effect when used. There is absolutely no complaints about the build quality. All parts fit perfectly. Squeaks and backlash no. Form selected successfully. The mouse is well suited for both palm grip and claw grip. Using the additional keys is more convenient with the second type of grip. Even without the habit of a particular model, the hand does not get tired at all, which also indicates a high ergonomic rodent.

ThunderX3 AM7 Gaming Mouse

Appearance, of course, an vital parameter, but do not overlook about the technical characteristics. And as it became out, no one forgot about them. The rodent is geared up with a fantastic optical sensor with a decision of up to 12,000 dpi, long lasting switches and has help for macros and as many as 8 customizable buttons. Check what the mouse is truly capable of.


ThunderX3 AM7 is a perfectly balanced gaming mouse with no obvious and serious flaws. The rodent successfully combines an interesting design, ergonomics and performance, and leaves after use only wonderful impressions. The predominant benefits encompass gorgeous and very high-quality HEX backlighting, excessive ergonomics, simple convenient and purposeful software program and first rate stuffing that presents awesome performance. All this collectively makes it an excellent choice to buy for your money.


• Excellent implemented lighting;
• Comfortable body shape;
• Clear and functional software;
• Reliable switches of the main buttons;
• High-quality and pleasant to the touch materials.


• In the process of using serious deficiencies could not be identified.

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