Top 5 Highest Paying IT Certifications

The IT industry has proven to be a growing and dynamic market with many promising and promising opportunities. With the right IT certifications, you can expect to earn high salaries and a successful career. But what are the best IT certifications? In this article, we discuss some of the most advanced, sought after, and profitable certifications available in the IT industry.

What is an IT Certificate?

The IT certification exam is a way to bring together professionals who work up to a certain level of IT skills through administration and further education. There are three reasons for seeking an IT certification:

  1. Validation

Obtaining an IT certification is a way for potential employers to confirm that you have the skills to do certain jobs. An IT certificate can also validate an existing employee who is for this reason looking to expand their knowledge base and gain career development.

  1. Marketing

Once an IT certification is obtained, the employee becomes more available on the market, not only in the current company, but also with potential employers. By acquiring more skills and technical abilities at work, the employee may receive more compensation or a better role in his or her company.

  1. Career development

As all new technologies are invented every day, getting an IT certification is a great way to make sure you stay up to date while developing your skills. Certification can help modernize old skills by learning new techniques.

Top 5 IT Certifications with the Highest Salaries

Although there are many IT certifications to choose from, you need to choose the right certification based on the type of job you want to get and the salary you want to get. Here are the top 10 paid IT certifications and what they teach and calculate IT salaries for each:

  1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

This certification has been on the market since 2017 and is one of the most profitable certifications in the industry. It demonstrates the professional ability to design, develop and manage a cloud infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The cloud has gained popularity and ease of use for businesses of all kinds for storing and managing large amounts of digital data. Thus, the need for cloud engineers at the business level is important for them to stay in the market and continue to grow. The average compensation for individuals with Google Cloud Professional Architect Architect is approximately $ 139,529. This certification test is offered at Kryterion Testing Centers.

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP certification is the most beloved standardized skill level in the project management profession. By getting a PMP assignment, both employers and clients are shown to be capable of delivering high quality services by designing projects and effectively implementing them at a high level. The estimated annual salary for entering the PMP is approximately $ 135,798.

  1. Screammaster certified

This is a Beginner Certificate demonstrating your knowledge of Agile Scrum and its practice. With this certificate, you will lead the Scream team, teach them the outline and motivate them to perform at the highest level. Certified Screammasters also protect against internal and external distraction. To maintain your degree, you must earn Scam units and renew your degree every two years. Certified ScrumMasters earns approximately $ 135,441 a year.

  1. Certified Amazon Web Solutions Engineer (AWS)

An AWS Certified Solution Engineer must be able to design and deploy robust and secure systems based on AWS technology. This certification is intended for those who have one or more years of experience designing successful and scalable distributed systems at AWS. As more companies grow with cloud-based applications, AWS-certified developers are increasing demand. AWS certified solution architects earn $ 132,840 a year.

  1. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Amazon Certified Web Services Developer is an expert in developing and maintaining AWS applications. People with this certificate are in high demand. It is suggested that applicants have experience in one or more programming languages ​​and AWS prior to certification certification. The certification exam covers a wide range of topics, including using the SDK to work with AWS services, choosing the best AWS service for your previous scenario, and focusing on improving application performance (especially for its AWS services). The writing code is included. AWS certified developers earn $ 130,369 every year.

chose the right certification and grow your career.