Top Ten Gaming Blogs

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The best gaming blogs provide gorgeous analysis and candid feedback, while some provide epic hero laughter. Here we found the top ten.

Some parts of the print media have suffered more from the web than others, but Game magazine will be at the top of the list of the dead. The headlines of the month show that their news is alarmed by hundreds of blogs and sites that can play back with the smallest news clippings and screenshots as soon as they appear.

But the best gaming blogs also provide great analysis and fine feedback, while some provide epic hero laughter. Our sister site GameSpot UK has all of these and more on the London Calling Blog, but we can’t really include it, can we? Here are the top ten results we’ve found (and we’re not sitting right next to each other).


  1. Kotaku (

In fact, it’s hard to choose between Kotaku and Joystiq – they publish many stories based on the same topic, as well as fierce competition between the two. However, Kotaku overcame his convictions by the writers expressing their heroes without delving into themselves.

  1. Joystiq (

Joystiq, one of the world’s two largest sports blogging companies (and one below) provides dozens of news a day, receives news in just one hat, and chases after special information whenever possible. An essential resource for anyone interested in sports.

  1. VG247 (

This is definitely the highest speed of all UK blogs on this list, having recently received three tonnes of the Media Games Awards. They were also right: Writing is great, all the important news has a touch of humor.

  1. Destructoid (

Hundreds of blogs have been paraphrased in sports news – none of which are on this list. Destructive Stands is one of the game’s own blogs with a specific theme: fast, flashy and never funny.

  1. Guardian Games Blog (

Because the newspaper is comprehensive, the Guardian Sports Blog avoids scouring in favor of a more moderately accessible press and screenshots by providing analysis, interviews, and opinions. Always readable, often thoughtful.

  1. Touch Arcade (

For iPhone games, you know, if you’ve recently seen Apple’s efforts with Nintento and Sony, it’s huge. Touch Arcade is one of those blogs that was created to cover this fast-growing market, offering news, hands-on previews and a vibrant platform full of developers talking about their latest game.

  1. UK Resistance (

Come here looking for 20 news records a day, but if your interests are Sega, Suzanne Shaw and Sony-Slating, just in case. That’s not to say UKR is the cheerleaders ’faces: it’s always fun, and you’ll never dare to drink tea in front of the screen again.

  1. That VideoGame Blog (

Another polymorphic blog is sought after by name, often offering interesting news to people in the sports industry, such as players. A line that is difficult to walk along, but it moves with confidence. The clean design and clear writing make it a refreshing read.

  1. Shacknews (

In fact, Shaknews is one of those sites that scans the line between a blog and a news site, so it is comprehensive with a range of news and features. With so many blog chases on the same news, it’s worth reading because it’s still capable of taking exclusive photos and new angles.


  1. GoNintendo (

Due to the large number of posts, it is an essential RSS feed or bookmark for anyone interested in Nintendo games, whether it is the Wii or DS. It absorbs stories online and quickly compiles them, providing a central point for Nintendo news.